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Megan Talbot

DC Instructor

Catherine Talkington

Adjunct Instructor, Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Kathleen Tanaka

Adjunct Instructor, Over 60 & Getting Fit

Travis Tarchione

Dual Credit Instructor, Social Science

Justin Tate

Instructor, Apprenticeship
Trade and Industrial Education

Rebecca Tateoka

Dual Credit Instructor, English, Language & Philosophy

Anita Tatge

Adjunct Faculty
English, Language, and Philosophy

Karen Tautfest

Department Chair, Nursing

Daniel Taylor

Exhibit & Facilities Technician
Herrett Center for Arts and Science

Erin Taylor


Susanna Terry

Adjunct Instructor, Music

Robert Thatcher

Adjunct Instructor, Business & Economics

Gary Thomas

Adjunct Instructor, Electrical Apprenticeship

Theron Thomas

Adjunct Instructor, EMS
Health Professions

Brett Thompson

Instructor, Business & Information Systems
Business and Information Systems

Chris Thompson

Dual Credit Instructor, Social Science

David Thompson

Office on Aging

Gus Thompson

Instructor, General Automotive
Trade and Industrial Education

Jon Thompson

Student Guide
Bridge to Success

Keith Thompson

Campus Safety

Terance Thueson

Adjunct Instructor, Criminal Justice

Jaime Tigue

Distinguished Professor, Gen & Liberal Studies and Director of Lifelong Wellness & Over 60 Programs
General Education and Assessment

Dennis Tilley

Adjunct Instructor, SBDC CPA

Natalie Todd

Grant Writer
Grants & Resource Development

Angela Tolman

Dual Credit Instructor, English

Rodney Tolman

Grounds Keeper

Jason Torgrimson

Senior Solutions Architect
Information Technology

Ryan Torngren

Dual Credit Instructor, Social Science and Communications

Anna Trelles

Dual Credit Instructor, English

Russ Tremayne

Associate Professor Emeritus, History

Ken Triplett Jr.

Professor Emeritus, Cabinetmaking/Woodwork

Janea Triplett-Newell

Instructor, Education

Paula Trudell

Dual Credit Instructor, English, Languages, and Philosophy

Kendall Tsakiris-Pavlovic

Simulation Lab Technician
Health Professions

Paula Tucker

Dual Credit Instructor, English, Language & Philosophy

Triina Turula

Operations Manager

Cristal Twitchell

Admin Assistant
Head Start