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Jeanne Jackson-Heim

Adjunct Instructor, Business

Megan Jacobson

Professor, Chemistry
Engineering, Physical and Computer Sciences

Shawna Jacobson

Early College Coordinator/Gooding Office Coordinator
208-732-6461, 208-934-8678
Early College
Gooding Center

Brian Jadwin

Dual Credit Instructor, Political Science

Austin James

Electrical Apprentice

Tamara Janak

Radiologic Technology Program Manager
Health Professions

Devon Jenks

Director of Budgeting and Accounting
Business Office

Kyle Jenks

Dual Credit Instructor, English

Michael Jenks

Dual Credit Instructor, History

Morgan Jeno

Adjunct Instructor, Physical Education

Thomas Jensen

Web Support Specialist
Information Technology

Jody Jeske Jr

Student Success Advisor
Advising Services

Jennifer Jessup

Dual Credit Instructor, IDLA
Health Professions

Angel Jewell

Senior Services Specialist
Office on Aging

Samuel Johansen

Dual Credit Instructor, English

Janel Johnson

Adjunct Instructor, French

Lisa Johnson

Dual Credit Instructor, Health Occ
Health Professions

Lura Johnson


Matthew Johnson

Peer Tutor
Learner and Community Services

Michael Johnson

Adjunct Instructor, Social Science

Mike Johnson

Instructor, Culinary Arts
Business and Information Systems

Saige Johnson

Welcome Center Office Manager
Admissions Office

Thurmond Johnson

Dual Credit Instructor, Allied Health
Health Professions

Ashley Johnston

Simulation Lab Technician
Health Professions

Dianne Jolovich

Distinguished Professor, Hospitality Management/Culinary Arts
Business and Information Systems

Elizabeth Jones

Assist Professor, Mathematics

Jeri Jones

Office Manager
Idaho STAR

Katie Jones

Events Coordinator

Kimberly Jones

Professor, Developmental Language Arts
English, Language, and Philosophy

Shelly Jones

Account Technician
Business Office

Sue Jones

Workforce Instructor
Workforce Development and Training

Terah Jones

Dual Credit Instructor, English, Language & Philosophy

Travis Jones

Adjunct Instructor, Agriculture

Shane Jonson

Instructor, Communication
Social Science and Communication

Emily Juckett

Dual Credit Instructor, Economics & Social Science

Ryan Jund

Chief Information Officer
Information Technology