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James Fabe

Dental Clinic - Supervising Dentist
Health Professions

Cheryl Fagan

Adjunct Instructor, Business

Kathleen Fagerland

Dual Credit Instructor, CNA

Denise Fairchild-Garcia

Adjunct Instructor, Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Jerry Fattig

Client Experience & Solutions Manager
Information Technology

Teri Fattig

Emeritus, Director of Library & Museum

Steve Faulkner

Adjunct Instructor, Welding

Katherine Felder

Adjunct Instructor, Social Science and Communications

Alex Ferreira

Head Coach, Soccer

Andrea Ferreira Belen

Enrollment Specialist
Enrollment Services

Pat Ferrell

Professor, Drafting
Trade and Industrial Education

Dale Ficklin

Construction Specialist

Jaysa Fillmore

Assistant Professor, Agriculture

Wendy Fischer

Account Technician
Business Office

Kassandra Fish

Veterinary Technician

Dean Fisher

Office of the President

Kylee Fisher

Dual Credit Instructor, Agriculture

Cameron Flaming

Dual Credit Instructor, Agriculture

Ann Flannery

Adjunct Instructor, Sign Language

Alex Flores

HVAC Technician

Silvana Flores

Dual Credit Instructor, Spanish

Coleen Florke

Project Manager
Information Technology

Cindy Flowers

Drafting Technician

Emily Floyd

Events & Academic Coordinator
Herrett Center for Arts and Science

Miah Floyd

Off Campus Coordinator
Gooding Center

Drake Folks

Peer Tutor
Learner and Community Services

Elley Folks

Peer Tutor
Learner and Community Services

Brett Fonnesbeck

Dual Credit Instructor, History

Jerald Forster

Dual Credit Instructor, English, Language & Philosophy

Kristy Forster

Adjunct Instructor, Drama

Eric Foster

Adjunct Instructor, Criminal Justice

Liberty Foster

Operation Specialist
Head Start

Karen Fothergill

Adjunct Instructor, Enrichment

Brand Foust

Instructor, Welding
Trade and Industrial Education

Evin Fox

Professor Emeritus, Education

Jeff Fox

President Emeritus

Samuel Franklin

Dual Credit Instructor, Math

Shaun Free

Operations Manager
Idaho STAR

Rebecca Freiberg

Dual Credit Instructor, Biology

Michael Frew

Adjunct Instructor, Music

Chris Frix

Instructor, CNA Program Manager

Susan Fullen

Dual Credit Instructor, Economics

Crystal Fuller

Adjunct Instructor, Over 60 & Getting Fit

Tracy Fuller

Dual Credit Instructor, Social Science

Benjamin Fullmer

Dual Credit Instructor, Math

Brandy Funk

Dual Credit Instructor, Health
Health Professions