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Stephen Kaminski

Adjunct Instructor, Enrichment

Pam Kantack

Dual Credit Instructor, Economics

John Kapeleris

Adjunct Instructor, Social Science

Susie Kapeleris

Instructor, English, Language & Philosophy
English, Language, and Philosophy

Ann Keane

Office Specialist
College and Career Readiness

Kristin Keetch

Dual Credit Instructor, Math

Clinton Keller

Construction Project Manager

James Kellis

Manufacturing Technology Instructor
Trade and Industrial Education

Heather Kelsey

Dual Credit Instructor, Allied Health
Health Professions

Jacki Kepner

Product Experience Specialist
Information Technology

Jennifer Kern

Student Records Specialist
Office of the Registrar

Michel Kestie

Adult Protection Investigator
Office on Aging

Kim Kestler

IT Information Systems/Database Technician
Head Start

Jayme Ketterling


Jeana Kienzle

Test Proctor
Testing Center

David Kiger

Adjunct Instructor, Community Education

Alice King

Dual Credit Instructor, EMT
Health Professions

Jacqlyn King

Instructor, Biology
Biology and Allied Health

Jentri King

Project Manager
Information Technology

Lane Kirkland

Dual Credit Instructor, History

Monty Kiser

Construction Supervisor

Jacque Klimes

Student Accessibility Services

Erica Kluetz

Staff Accountant
Business Office

Daniel Knapp

Dual Credit Instructor, Agriculture

Nathan Knowles

Dual Credit Instructor, Biology

Donald Knuth

Dual Credit Instructor, Business

Nikki Kober

Instructor, Biology
Biology and Allied Health

Tina Koch

Associate Professor, Registered Nursing

Michael Konrad

Instructor, Psychology
Social Science and Communication

Terina Konrad

Learning Designer
Teaching and Learning Center

Kerry Koontz

Associate Professor, Social Work
Social Science and Communication

Michael Krecker

Dual Credit Instructor, Social Science

Angela Kunz

Adjunct Instructor, Over 60 & Getting Fit

Kyle Kutz

Lab Assistant
Trade and Industrial Education