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Tanya Gabrielson

Dual Credit Instructor, Business

Jazmin Gallardo Carrillo

Student Success Coordinator
College and Career Readiness

Pablo Galvan

Maintenance Specialist

Tamara Garcia

Office Specialist, TRIO Programs
Idaho State University

Crissie Gard

Adjunct Instructor, Enrichment

Joseph Gardner

Associate Professor, Chemistry
Engineering, Physical and Computer Sciences

Kelly Gardner

Dual Credit Instructor, Social Science and Communications

Perri Gardner

Professor, Political Science
Social Science and Communication

Steven Gardner

Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry

Viona Gardner

Dual Credit Instructor
Health Professions

Melissa Garza

Center Supervisor
Head Start

Mark Gasenica

Adjunct Instructor, Math

Elisa Gee

Dual Credit Instructor, Social Science

Christine Geisel

Instructor, ABE
Adult Basic Education (ABE)

James Gentry

Professor Emeritus, Social Science

Shelley Gentry

Instructor, Registered Nursing

Cynthia Gerhardt

Account Technician
Business Office

Christa Gessaman

Adjunct Instructor, Wellness.

Natalie Giardina

Administrative Assistant
Analytics and Institutional Effectiveness

Kevin Gibson


Regina Gihring

Dual Credit Instructor, Math

Stefanie Gilbert

BSU BSW Program Site Coordinator - Twin Falls
Boise State University

Aliya Gladysh

Peer Tutor
Learner and Community Services

Brandon Glauner

Program Improvement Coordinator
College and Career Readiness

Stacy Glauner

Administrative Assistant
Engineering, Physical and Computer Sciences

Jeaneth Glenn

Adjunct Instructor, Active Aging

Ann Glimm

Dual Credit Instructor, Math

Peggy Godby

Dual Credit Instructor, Social Science

Lex Godfrey

Dual Credit Instructor, Welding

Jaime Goffin

Adjunct Instructor, Social Science and Communications

Darin Gonzales

Dual Credit Instructor, Math

Gilean Goodman

Adjunct Instructor, LPN Allied Health

Jessie Goodson


Noemi Goodson


DeAnn Goodwin

Adjunct Instructor, Community Education

Amy Gossi

Dual Credit Instructor, Math

Nancy Gossi

Adjunct Instructor, Over 60 & Getting Fit

Jeffrey Gourley

Testing Center Coordinator
Testing Center

Melissa Graham

Adjunct Instructor, EMS Lab

Matthew Grayson

Adjunct Instructor, Dental Hygiene Clinical

Debra Greco

Dual Credit Instructor, Communication

Jeremy Green

Dual Credit Instructor, Geology

Timothy Green

Adjunct Instructor
Arts and Humanities

Rick Greenawald

Planetarium Manager
Herrett Center for Arts and Science

Abby Greenfield

Family Services/Community Involvement Specialist
Head Start

Ellen Gregory

Dual Credit Instructor, English

Donna Griffith

Center Supervisor
Head Start

Joseph Grimm

Dual Credit Instructor, Physical Science

Laura Grover

Dual Credit Instructor, General & Liberal Studies

Erin Gutknecht

Adjunct Instructor, Aquaculture