LueLinda Egbert
LueLinda Egbert
Professor, Education 

Office: Hepworth 123
Phone: 208-732-6890
LueLinda Egbert

Education Information

Dr. LueLinda Egbert, Ph.D.; Ed. Specialist; & SPED Dir.

  • Main classroom Hepworth 180; see registration information for semester location

Professor of Education: Teaching/Advising/Field Supervising

  • Elementary Education Advisor
  • Co-Club Advisor: Teacher Education Association 
  • Foundation of Education Professor
  • Field Experience Supervisor
  • Families, Communities, and Culture Professor
  • Development/Individual Differences Professor
  • Exit Seminar Supervisor

6 Degrees from 4 Colleges all Starting w/ CSI:


  • Advanced Elementary K-8
  • Administrator Principal and Superintendent Pre-K-12
  • Special Education K-12 Director Endorsement
  • Charlotte Danielson Certification: Framework for Teaching

Adjunct faculty for Idaho State University

Faculty Committees Include:

  • Best Practices Committee
  • Advising Committee
  • Host the Campus Book Club
  • Brown Bag/Best Practices

4th Grade Sunday School Teacher and Activities Board Member

Background/Personal Information

Personal Information of Note

My Husband is a (Mechanical) Draftsman for Amalgamated in Twin Falls who has a number of certifications for all areas of welding, and obtained his schooling at Ricks College and CSI. We have five children: Justin, Jarid, Jacob, Jasmine, Jordon and 12 grandkids. We enjoy weight-lifting, racket-ball, bike-riding, Tae Bo, movies, Sunday family dinners, and supporting our children in their sports. Our lives revolve around our family and our work. We have raised our children to love reading and learning,with the expectation that they will attend CSI.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

Life is an ever-changing and dynamic progress most effectively done through a systematic approach and with reflection on the past. Goal setting and personal objectives drive education and are part of that change process. Through my experience and education as a teacher and administrator, I have a clear understanding of how students "need to know". The students drive the subject content and my teaching, not from a century ago, but from today's times and problems that we face tomorrow.

Learning takes place through reading, vicariously, and by actual experiences. Among the ways of knowing or obtaining knowledge are by divine revelation and authority, through personal intuition and through experimentation, from our own five senses and our own power of reasoning. I reflect on the students' interests, on what motivates them, and on their process of change to provide "Learning Experiences."

Inquiry-based learning is Intentional Learning around Meaningful Content, making direct Relational Connections between the new generation of students to nontraditional student, challenging all of us to be better teachers. I teach the Language of Questions and the Power of the Brain to resolve problems to these questions.

Course Information

Links of Interest

  1. Temperment sorter
  2. Piaget's Learning Stages
  3. B. F. Skinner's Behavior Modification
  4. Canter and Canter's Assertive Discipline
  5. Constructivist Theory (John Dewey)
  6. Lev Vygostsky
  7. Keirsey's Temperment Sorter
  8. Teacher Education Search
  9. IQ TEST
  10. Developmental Assets
  11. Lesson Plan Templates
  12. Resume Template
  13. APA Website
  14. Bloom's Taxonomy
  15. Multiple Intelligeneces test
  16. APA Reference help
  17. APA Reference Builder
  18. Right Left Brain Test
  19. Better Right Left Brain Test
  20. State Board of Education
  21. Educational Philosophy Assessment
  22. Educational Philosophy Scoring
  23. Educational Philosophy Continuum
  24. My Plan
  25. Brain Track C and U directory
  26. Daily Lesson Plan
  27. Digital learning
  28. "Multiple Intelligences Explained"
  29. Getting hired

    'Teachers in the Movies'

Freedom Writers (2007)

Thr Ron Clark Story (2006)

Mr. Holland's Opus (1999)

Goodbye Mr. Chips (2009)

October Sky (1999)

Stand and Deliver (1988) Lean on Me (1998)

Dangerous Minds (1999)

To Sir With Love (2000)

The Blackboard Jungle (2005)

Dead Poets Society (1989)




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