CSI Webmail
Faculty & Staff

EagleMail is CSI's student e-mail system that incorporates Google Apps. Each student who registers for a credit class receives an EagleMail account.  Since e-mail is the primary means of written communication with CSI students, students are expected to check their EagleMail accounts regularly.  Not checking e-mail regularly may lead to missing important information, announcements, or deadlines. 

If you are taking an online class, it is advisable to send an e-mail to your instructor who will contact you with instructions on how to get to your course.  

Important Note: EagleMail is for CSI students only. If you are a CWI student, please go to the CWI Student Email page.

How to Login to EagleMail

  1. Access EagleMail from any computer with Internet connection by going to http://eaglemail.csi.edu.
  2. Your username is your CSI student ID number.  The default password is your eight digit date of birth.
    • Example 1: John Q. Public, born April 30, 1990, ID # 654321
      • username: 654321
      • password: 04301990
    • Example 2: Sylvia T. Broccoli, born February 8, 1985, ID # 987654
      • username: 987654
      • password: 02081985
      • Do NOT use your email address as your username, you must use your CSI student ID number.
      • We strongly encourage you to change your default password as soon as possible to a secret password that you only know and can easily remember but others cannot easily guess (generally a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers). 
  3. Before you can use EagleMail, you must active your EagleMailaccount.  During the activation process you will:
    • Select a primary e-mail address
    • Have an opportunity to select a nickname - If you do not select a nickname you will be using your primary e-mail address.  Both your primary e-mail address and the nicknames are selected from a combination of your first, middle and last names as registered with the College of Southern Idaho.
    • Have an opportunity to change your default password
    • read and agree to abide by the CSI terms of service (e.g. Computer Use Policy)
    • Click on Proceed to Inbox and read and agree to Google’s terms of service. 
  4. From this point on you always access your inbox by logging in to EagleMail and clicking on the Proceed to Your Inbox link.
  5. Don’t forget to log out when you are finished using your EagleMailaccount.
  6. Please remember that if you forgot to select a nickname or change your default password the first time around, you can do so when you log in next time

For additional help, see http://myhelpdesk.csi.edu/.


Full time Faculty and staff are provided an Microsoft Exchange account that is accessible through Outlook Web Access http://mail.csi.edu. Exchange is also available through Outlook via on campus computers.

NOTICE: Exchange Server Migration
- January 2017

During the mail server migration occurring in January 2017, employees can also try logging in at https://outlook.office365.com if https://mail.csi.edu does not work.

How to Login to mail.csi.edu as Faculty/Staff

  1. Access Outlook Web Access at http://mail.csi.edu. Other links are available on the CSI website.
  2. Your username is your network username. The password is your network password.

Eaglemail for Faculty and Staff

In addition, faculty and staff are eligible to provision an Eaglemail account. Eaglemail provides document sharing, calendaring and email that might be useful for faculty to communicate with their students better.

How to Login to Eaglemail as Faculty/Staff

  1. Access Eaglemail at http://eaglemail.csi.edu. Other links are available on the CSI website.
  2. Your username and password is your network username, the same as your mail.csi.edu credentials.
  3. First time Eaglemail users must provision an Eaglemail account. This includes selecting an Eaglemail email address.

Before you can use your Eaglemail Account, you must provision an email address and agree to Google's Terms of Service.

  1. Sign into Eaglemail by going to http://eaglemail.csi.edu. Use your network credentials for username and password.
  2. Proceed to your Inbox. You will then be asked to select your Primary Eaglemail address.
  3. Select your Primary Email address.
  4. Accept Google's Terms of Service to create your account.

For additional assistance with email and network accounts, see http://myhelpdesk.csi.edu/.