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Historic Downtown
Located in Twin Falls, ID

The first section of the city to be occupied was the Twin Falls Townsite. This began after the Townsite was platted and designed in 1904. By 1912, the Townsite had a business district with several substantial buildings in place. Also many homes had been constructed over the same time period and all of these were centered around the downtown core. The western section of the Townsite began to buildup with a more industrial character.

As the population of the city increased, there was a need for other residential areas. The trend of development at that time was in a north and easterly direction, even though developable land was available in all bearings. To a limited extent, there was construction occurring to the south and west but not nearly to the degree that was taking place in the other directions.

The community continued to grow, as did agricultural pursuits in the valley. As new transportation links were developed, the growth pattern of the community followed them. In the 1930's and 1940's the city grew in all directions but the downtown still remained the primary commercial and retail center. In the 1950's however, other retail areas were taking shape. This included Blue Lakes Boulevard, Kimberly Road, and Addison Avenue. All of the these are arterials that are primary accesses into and out of the city.

Historic Downtown Twin Falls is an unique association of independent and diverse businesses who service a wide range of customers and clients, encompassing South Central Idaho and North East Nevada. Historic Downtown Twin Falls also provides an environment for strong community commitment.