Online Learning Survey

Online Learning Survey


Are you prepared to learn online?  

The College of Southern Idaho (CSI) is committed to providing online courses to meet the demands, lifestyles, and accommodations you look for when enrolling in college. The purpose of the self-assessment survey is to assist you, as well as CSI identify tasks that are most important for your learning success in an online class. The results of your survey can be discussed with your major advisor, the Advising Center, or the course instructor.

Computer Hardware and Software Tips

 At CSI, instructors create your courses using a software application known as Canvas. This is the online platform where you will find your course content, assignments, announcements, and grades. Check out the basic computer system requirements recommended by Canvas. Before your course begins, you will want to adjust or update your screen size, computer operating system, mobile operating system, computer speed and processor, internet speed, and screen reader to be sure your technology is as ready as you are to learn online.

Find out if you are ready to learn online

Find out if you are ready to learn online by taking a 5-minute survey. The questions look at your technology preferences and your learning styles as well as your motivation to take an online course. The report of the survey is a tool that can be used by you and your major advisor or the Advising Center when making the decision to take online courses.