Student Success

Family Checklist

These are some helpful tips for supporting your student during their college experience. It is important to let your student be in control of their education and educational decision making, but equally as important to offer support and encouragement as needed.

  • Ask your student if they have contacted their advisor and encourage them to set up a meeting. Advising helps to ensure the correct sequence of classes is followed and helps the student make a connection on campus.
  • Ask your student about their daily life on campus. Start a dialogue about their instructors, and syllabi of their courses.
  • Encourage your student to be involved in student activities. Share some of the groups or organizations you may have been involved, or wish you had been involved in and why.
  • If your student is the first in your family to attend college, be sure to convey your happiness in their pursuit of a college education.
  • Ask your student to share their academic plan with you.
  • Learn about campus resources, so that if you feel your student may be in need, you can refer them to the appropriate place.
  • Become familiar with the school catalog so you are informed about policies and procedures on campus.

Source: Smith, D. & Gordon, V. (2008). A Family Guide to Academic Advising.

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