Student Success

Student Activities

Research shows that students who are involved in student activities are more likely to return for a second year and succeed in higher education1. Student activities are a great way to meet new people, especially when you are new and adjusting to life as a college student. Clubs and organizations provide interaction with other students and personal development. Employers are often interested in applicants’ "soft skills". "Soft Skills" are habits and qualities that make someone compatible to work with, and a good employee2. Kate Lorenz from researches and writes about workplace issues. This is her list of the top 10 "soft skills" for job hunters:

  1. Strong Work Ethic
  2. Positive Attitude
  3. Good Communication Skills
  4. Time Management Abilities
  5. Problem-Solving Skills
  6. Acting as a Team Player
  7. Self-Confidence
  8. Ability to Accept and Learn from Criticism
  9. Flexibility/Adaptability
  10. Working Well Under Pressure

Participating in a student activity, you not only add to the enjoyment of your college experience, but you also develop and enhance these and other "soft skills" that will benefit you now and in the future.


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