Campus Security


Shots Fired on Campus - Surviving an Active Shooter Incident

No campus today is immune from an active shooter incident. Unfortunately these events have occurred on campuses of all size from coast-to-coast. At CSI the Public Safety organization is responsible to ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff and community visitors. Therefore we are making campus residents aware of this very important topic and how they can take action to increase their chances of survival should such an event occur. The key is to develop a survival mindset - decide that you will survive! There are a few key principles to follow in such an incident. These concepts are discussed and demonstrated in the video entitled "Shots Fired on Campus - When Lightning Strikes - Student Edition". CSI Public Safety has a copy of this video in their library and will present to any CSI campus group upon request. A trailer for this video can be viewed below or click here to view the video in its entirety (or watch it with captions).

The basic principles that the video presents are:

  • CALL OUT - 911 and 732-6605; give detailed information regarding your location and exactly what is happening;
  • GET OUT - If your analysis of the situation determines that it is safe to do so;
  • HIDE OUT - If it is not safe to GET OUT, stay in an interior room, close and lock the door, turn off the lights, silence cell phones and do not leave until told to do so by law enforcement or security personnel;
  • KEEP DANGER OUT - Push heavy objects against the door if available;
  • SPREAD OUT in the room, don’t huddle together in groups;
  • Make a plan for additional action if directly confronted with a threat;
  • If outside when an emergency event occurs, stay in motion and seek shelter behind any substantial object that can shield you; again, analyze the event and move away from it if/when safe to do so.

Law Enforcement response considerations include:

  • Police will move rapidly toward the sounds of violence;
  • They will not spend much time helping bystanders or victims initially until the threat has been neutralized;
  • Do not represent a threat to arriving police units. Remember they do not know who might be part of the threat; do not run toward them; show them your empty hands; provide any information that you have regarding the event quickly and calmly; immediately follow their directions.

A discussion of how to respond to an Active Shooter event and what to expect from a police response is also discussed in the CSI Emergency Procedures Manual.