Campus Security


Parking Regulations

  1. Permits can be attained through CSI Security.
  2. Permits are to be visible at all times when on the sidewalk.
    • Either hanging from the mirror or placed face up on the dashboard.
  3. Permits only allow a permit holder to park on the sidewalk for 10-15 minutes for loading and unloading only!
    • If an item or items can be carried from the parking lot in one trip with ease then sidewalk access is not allowed.
    • Exceptions can be granted, but must be approved by the Physical Plant Director or Security.
    • No parking in the Fire Lane without prior approval.
  4. While driving on the Sidewalk:
    • Flashers must always be on.
    • Max speed of 5mph.
    • Don't drive on the grass at any time.
    • Don't drive in or around the Rose Garder and Fountain area.
  5. Permits are not allowed to be transferred to another vehicle or passed around the department.
    • CSI Pool Vehicles that are being used by Faculty or Staff must also have a Permit for Sidewalk Use.
  6. Security can revoke a permit or issue a citation for failing to follow above rules.

Parking Permit

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need a permit to park on campus?
    • No you do not, you only need a permit if you will be driving on the sidewalks

  • Can I drive up to the doors on the sidewalk to drop someone off?
    • No you are not allowed to do this, we request that everyone walk from the parking lot to get to class or work.

  • Can I park on the hash marks by the handicap spots?
    • No you cannot. This is still a handicap spot that is used for loading and unloading of wheelchairs. If you park here, you will be given a $50 citation.

  • Where do I park if I live in the dorms?
    • You will park in the parking lot behind the Dorms, this parking lot is distinguished with signs that say 'Resident Parking Only'

  • Can I drive on the sidewalks?
    • No you may not drive on the sidewalks without permission (permit).

  • Can I drive on the grass?
    • No you may not drive on the grass, if you are caught we will call TFPD and they will give you a citation, you may also be responsible for damage of property you may have caused.

  • What is the speed limit?
    • The speed limit is 20 mph around campus and 5 mph on the sidewalks

  • How much is a fine?
    • Improper parking, overtime parking, parking in a fire lane, and parking in a no parking area may result in a $20 citation
    • Parking in a handicap parking space will result in a $50 citation