Campus Security


Building Lock / Unlock Procedures

In order to maintain the security of both the buildings and the property they contain, all campus buildings / classrooms will be locked after normal business/class hours.

Campus buildings / classrooms will be unlocked and secured according to the facilities use schedule and other considerations.

Requests to change the lock/unlock times or to request special access times (i.e. weekend workshops) should be directed to the Facility Coordinator's office and should be scheduled on the facilities use schedule. Individual departments are responsible to lock/unlock their own office and classroom areas.

After normal working hours any persons found in College facilities must show proper identification and justify their presence. Unauthorized persons will be subject to College disciplinary procedures and/or criminal sanctions. Faculty and staff utilizing campus buildings/offices during nonworking hours should contact CSI Security so that their presence can be known for safety purposes. Students requiring access to buildings/rooms during off hours need to have prior written approval of their instructor.

Security requests that each employee issued a key remember to lock the building you unlocked when entering on Holidays, after hours and on weekends.