Campus Security


Emergency Notification Systems and Evacuations

The College of Southern Idaho has installed an emergency warning horn on the radio tower by the Canyon Building. This horn has a unique siren-type sound that can be heard outside of buildings throughout the campus. The horn will be activated by CSI Security in the event of an emergency situation.

A telephone intercom system, with simultaneous broadcast and communication capabilities has been installed on the campus telephone system. This intercom system can be initiated by anyone of approximately 40 key personnel throughout the building on campus. These key building personnel are then responsible for disseminating the emergency message throughout their building.

The purpose of the siren and phone intercom system is to warn the campus that there is an emergency in progress. All individuals on campus need to heed these warnings immediately follow the guidance being disseminated and stay away from the designated emergency area.

An Emergency Situation Phone/Runner Tree is also utilized to distribute emergency information throughout the campus. This tree can be seen in the back of the CSI Telephone Directory or at the link at the left.

A mass distribution emergency notification system (RAVE) will also be utilized. An automated e-mail, text, and phone message will be transmitted to students, staff, and faculty as the emergency dictates.

Because of bomb threats, fire alarms, or other emergency conditions, all faculty, staff, and students may be evacuated from college buildings or facilities. During these times no one is authorized to be in the facilities without consent of the Public Safety Director.