Student Government



Article I: Duties of the Student Senate Are:

Section A. To approve by majority vote all events concerning the ASCSI. 
Section B. To meet each Monday from 3:15pm-6pm throughout the school year except when such a meeting falls on a school holiday. 
Section C. To promote in every way possible the interests and spirit of CSI. 
Section D. To authorize all appropriations from ASCSI funds. 
Section E. To approve a budget prior to July 1, for the ensuing year. 
Section F. To keep the ASCSI members informed of all business brought before the Senate and any action taken. 
Section G. To ratify all ASCSI presidential appointments. 
Section H. To perform its appropriate duties when a vacancy occurs. 
Section I. To enforce recall of any Senator, President, Vice President, Secretary, of Treasurer missing three regularly schedules meetings. Unless he/she can show just cause why he/she should not be recalled. Showing up more than fifteen minutes late constitutes an absence. 
Section J. In the absence of the ASCSI Vice President:

Clause 1. The ASCSI President Pro Tempore is to conduct the meeting; if the Pro Tempore is also absent the ASCSI Vice President may recommend a member of the ASCSI Senate to conduct the meeting.
Clause 2. If no recommendation is made then the ASCSI President shall conduct the meeting.

Article II: Duties of the Elected and Appointed Officers

Section A. The elected offices are as determined in the constitution.
Section B. Each officer shall be required to work at various Senate sponsored activities.
Section C. Duties of the elected officers:

Clause 1. Attend all regularly scheduled Senate meetings.
Clause 2. Each Senator shall serve four hours in the Senate office each week.
Clause 3. The President, Vice President, Secretary and the Treasurer shall serve six office hours each week.
Clause 4. These hours shall be posted outside the Senate office at all times.

Section D. The President shall:

Clause 1. Attend all Senate and executive meetings.
Clause 2. Call all special meetings of the Senate.
Clause 3. Make recommendations for appointed offices.
Clause 4. Has the power to veto legislations for appointed by the Senate. The veto must be done within 10 days of approval by the Senate.
Clause 5. Call all special elections in the case of an initiative or referendum.
Clause 6. Appoint members of the Senate to serve as liasons or chairs of the various student councils,
Clause 7. Is a nonvoting member of the Senate.
Clause 8. Coordinate legislative contact on the state and local level assuming responsibility for student interest lobbying.

Section E. The Vice President Shall:

Clause 1. In the absence of the President form Presidential duties shall assume all of the duties of the President.
Clause 2. Serve as the chair of the Senate.
Clause 3. Vote in the case of a tie.

Section F. Duties of the Treasurer

Clause 1. To monitor and report all ASCSI controlled accounts.
Clause 3. Keep a notebook of budget requests up to date.

Section G. Duties of the Secretary

Clause 1. To record and disseminate all records of the ASCSI
Clause 2. To keep minutes of all meetings of the ASCSI
Clause 3. To provide all correspondence and clerical work for the ASCSI.
Clause 4. To hold a position on a committee.

Section H. Duties of the Senators

Clause 1. To assist in the providing of activities for the ASCSI
Clause 2. To propose and enact legislation
Clause 3. To serve on various committees established by the Senate
Clause 4. To draw up a budget for the following year for various organizations on campus.

Article III: Dismissal of Senators

Section A. Any member of the ASCSI Senate or its Councils who is convicted of a misdemeanor or felony may be immediately dismissed from the ASCSI Senate or Council. Students may appeal to the Senate if they believe there are extraordinary or extenuating circumstances.

Article IV: Legislative Powers of the Senate

Section A. To enact legislation
Section B. To establish committees or other appendages necessary to assist in legislative and administrative functions
Section C. To approve all ASCSI expenditures.
Section D. To conduct investigations into matters concerning student welfare and to make recommendations to appropriate college authorities.
Section E. To establish election rules.
Section F. To grant recognition to campus organizations.
Section G. To approve the annual ASCSI Budget
Section H. Overrides veto by a 2/3 vote.

Article V: Procedures of the Senate

Section A. A quorum must be present in order for the Senate to conduct official business. A quorum will be a simple majority of voting members.
Section B. Senate meetings shall be conducted under Robert's Rules of Order.
Section C. In the case of a voting member being absent from a Senate meeting, she/he may vote by a proxy written ballot on issues brought before the Senate, via any voting Senate member present at the meeting.
Section D. An appeals committee consisting of al least one freshman and one sophomore senators, an executive officer and a senate advisor will review the circumstances and determine if the appeals warrants further consideration. Recommendations of the appeals committee must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the Senate. If the senate does not concur with the recommendations of the appeals committee, the appeal will be returned to the committee for further consideration.
Section E. A senator or executive member can only appeal once during their full tenure in office.

Article VI: Student Organization

Section A. The term "Student Organization" shall apply to all organized groups which conform to the qualifications of the Senate and have constitution, advisor and list of members.
Section B. All organizations so recognized must meet the requirements as set for organization by the senate.
Section C. The Senate may revoke approval of any organizations which fail to maintain the qualifications as required by the Senate.
Section D. The Senate may extend approval to temporary groups or committees as it deems necessary.
Section E. Funding Criteria:

Clause 1. Interclub Council will consider funding only those clubs and organizations that enhance the image of the College of Southern Idaho and also directly benefit CSI students.
Clause 2. To be eligible for funding, a club or organization must participate in the designated activities assigned by the Interclub Council chairperson.

Section F. Allocations of Funds:

Clause 1. The maximum allocation per club will be determined by Interclub Council.
Clause 2. Each club will be required to be in good standing with Interclub Council in order to receive any sort of funding from Interclub Council or Student Senate.
Clause 3. All additional awards/payments are at the discretion of the Interclub Chairman and Co-chairman.

Section G. Funding Requirements:

Clause 1. To be considered for funding from the ASCSI Student Senate a club must meet the following below requirements:

        1. The club must be recognized as an official CSI club by the ASCSI Student Senate.
        2. A funding request form must be filled out and turned into the ASCSI Treasurer one full week in advance before the Senate meeting in which the club will be presenting and officially asking for funds.

Article VII: CSI Colors and Mascot

Section A. Colors. The official colors of the association shall be Gold and Black.
Section B. Mascot. The official mascot of the ASCSI shall be The Golden Eagle.

Article VIII: ASCSI Membership

Section A. Active membership shall be granted to those students who have paid their tuition/fees, are in good standing, and hold a current student body identification card.

Article IX: Payment of Senate Members

Section A. All members either elected or appointed to the ASCSI Senate shall receive scholarship in the amount of $800 per semester. As outlined in the ASCSI election contract.
Section B. The scholarship amount each member of the ASCSI Senate can be and must be reduced upon the following circumstances and by said amounts,

  1. Not maintaining regular office hours will constitute a maximum deduction of $60, per installment.
  2. For every meeting that is missed there will be a deduction of $20 regardless of whether or not the absence is excused or unexcused.
  3. Not showing up at an activity or event to which a member of the ASCSI Senate has previously signed up for will result in a deduction of $10, per incident.
  4. Not updating the calendars and putting up posters in a timely manner will constitute a deduction of $15 per incident.
  5. Not sending a council report to the Student Body Secretary or being late in sending the report will constitute a deduction of $5 per incident.

Section C. The Senate scholarship shall be given in two equal installments; one during midterms and the other during finals week.

Clause 1. The members of the executive council shall meet to calculate and determine the total amount of scholarship for each member of the ASCSI Senate in accordance to Article IX before midterms and before finals week of each semester.

Section D. Senators must receive a monthly progress report from their Advisor and a description about their job.

Clause 1. A committee, made up of the Senate Advisor, President Pro Tempore, and an additional Senator picked by the Senate, shall meet to calculate and determine the total amount of scholarship for the ASCSI executive committee in accordance with Article IX before midterms and before finals week of each semester.

Article X: Bill Procedure

Section A. Definitions

Clause 1. Bills shall be defined and referred to as: a draft of a law presented to a legislature for enactment.
Clause 2. Simple Majority shall be defined and referred to as: 50 percent plus one.
Clause 3. Super Majority shall be defined and referred to as: 2/3.
Clause 4. Unanimous shall be defined and referred to as: without any dissention.

Section B. Only Senators who are in good standing may sponsor a bill.
Section C. All proposed bills shall proceed in consecutive order, in three stages, Introduction, debate, and vote stages.