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Student Employment Opportunities at the College of Southern Idaho

Fall Openings

Location: CSI Campus Department: Maintenance
How to Apply: In person Contact/Supervisor: John Bottinger (732-6604)
Salary:  $9.00
Description: Working on the grounds doing various tasks, custodial, and other misc. duties. Must be 18 years of age or older to drive departmental vehicles or operate power tools. A valid driver’s license is required.
Location: Early Learning Center Department: Early Learning Center
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: Melissa Shabi (732-6645)
Salary:  $9.00
Description: The CSI Child Care Center is currently looking to fill Work Study positions. Candidates should be willing to perform a variety of tasks including, but not limited to: working with young children, cleaning, preparing snacks or meals, and office work. Candidates must be self-motivated, hard-working, be willing to work as a team, and have integrity. Please contact Melissa shabi, Early Learning Center and Lab School Coordinator, at 732-6645, if interested in applying. Positions are M-F and are one of the following times: 8-10 am (2), 10 am-12 pm (2), 11 am.-1 pm (2), 1 pm-3 pm., 2:30 pm.-4:30 pm (2), 2-4 pm, and 3 pm. 5:00 pm. (3)
Location: Evergreen A-32 Department: Agriculture - Horticulture
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: Chance Munns (732-6431)
Salary:  $9.00
Description: The advertised work study position will be responsible for plant nursery cleaning and maintenance as well as shed maintenance and small garden irrigation and upkeep. This person will also arrange with the other work-study times when they can schedule greenhouse maintenance. Other optional projects may include, transplanting plants in greenhouse, cleaning equipment, organizing materials, planting outside, weeding, tool repair, and other facility preparations for next semester.
Location: CSI Fish Hatchery Department: Agriculture - Aquaculture
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: Matt Wilson (733-3972)
Salary:  $9.00
Description: Daily maintenance of fish, feeding, cleaning, grading, sorting and handling fish. Data collection on scientific projects.
Location: Shields Building Department: Math
How to Apply: In person or phone Contact/Supervisor: Ron Cresswell (732-6814)
Salary:  $9.00
Description: Tutor in the Shields Math Lab. MUST have completed Calculus 1. Tutors must be able to help other students with all levels of math from pre-algebra through calculus.
Location: Eagle Central- Taylor Building Department: Financial Aid
How to Apply: Email resume to Contact/Supervisor: Morgan Fenstermaker 
Salary:  $9.00
Description: Description: Individual must have excellent attention to detail. Duties include scanning and indexing documents, answering phones, assisting students with financial aid questions. Student will help with other duties as assigned, such as customer service at front desk, filing, copying, faxing, processing mail and answering the telephone. Must be reliable, friendly, and able to work independently. Schedule will be flexible, with a maximum of 12 hours a week.
Location: Evergreen A16 or Evergreen A28 Department: Physical Science
How to Apply: by phone or by e-mail Contact/Supervisor: Steven Korecki ( 732-6423)
Salary:  $9.00
Description: Senior Lab Assistant – In addition to Lab Assistant job responsibilities, student may assist in troubleshooting laboratory experiments, developing new laboratory procedures, and troubleshooting and repairing equipment. Students are expected to know how to make solutions, dilutions, and mixtures, and be familiar with LoggerPro and/or Excel. This position requires two semesters of college chemistry OR enrollment in Chemistry 112 OR one semester working as a Lab Assistant. If requirements are not met, then Lab Assistant position will be filled.
Location: Early Learning Center Department: Education
How to Apply: In person, phone or email Contact/Supervisor: Melissa Shabi ((208)732-6645)
Salary:  $9.00
Description: 1. Assist in organizing and arranging a classroom which is developmentally appropriate for the age group of children. 2.Assist in daily and weekly planned lessons, activities and field trips. 3.Assist in ensuring close supervision of assigned children. 4.Participate in nutrition oriented experiences. Ex: breakfast, lunch, snack, meal/snack preparation MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: 1.State Department of Health & Welfare: Declaration of Residency, Criminal History Check & Fingerprinting. 2.High School Graduate/GED Must be 18 years of age or older. 3.Experience in care of young children, child care or classroom setting with children under seven years of age. 4.Ability to work responsibly in team and individually. DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: 1.Computer skills 2.Currently enrolled in classes pertaining to Early Childhood Education or Education