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Waitlisting is unavailable for courses with a corequisite.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is waitlisting?

The waitlist feature allows students to place themselves in line to enroll in a closed class (a class that is full because the maximum enrollment limit has been reached) as seats become available. This tool is designed to give students a chance to communicate with us their intent/desire to register into a course that is full.

How will it work?

  • After courses fill up, students will be able to add themselves to the waitlist in MyCSIMyCSI
  • Students can also be added to the waitlist by registration staff when registering with paper form
  • Students are placed on the waitlist in the order in which they requested to waitlist the class (first come first served)   
  • Step-by-step instructions with screenshots
  • Being on the waitlist DOES NOT mean that students are registered in the course - it merely shows the student’s intent that he/she would like to register for the course  
  • Waitlisting a class DOES NOT guarantee a spot in the course 
  • Students will be able to see their position/rank on each waitlisted class in MyCSI, and monitor/manage their registrations/waitlists accordingly (decide if they want to stay on the waitlist or choose another section)
  • Registration staff in the Admissions and Records Office will be managing the waitlist
  • As spots open up in various courses, registration staff will put students from the waitlist into courses (based on the students’ position on the waitlist; first on the waitlist, first registered in the course)
  • Students will be notified via e-mail when they are moved from the waitlist into a course
  • Important:
    • If students waitlist themselves in more than one section of the same course, once they are placed/registered into any of those waitlisted sections, they will be dropped from the waitlist for the other sections - they can choose to get back on the waitlist prior to the deadline, but they will go to the back of the line so to speak
    • When students are registered in one section and they waitlist themselves in another section of the same course, if a spot opens up in the waitlisted section and they are first on the waitlist and placed into the waitlisted section, they will be dropped from the other section in which they initially enrolled.  Example: Student Jane Doe registered in ENGL 101 C01 and waitlisted herself in ENGL 101 C02.  If a spot opens up in ENGL 101 C02 and she is first on the waitlist and is put into ENGL 101 C02, she will be dropped from ENGL 101 C01.  Basically, when students are registered into a section and end up waitlisting another section, the assumption will be that the waitlisted section is the preferred section (the section they really would like to be registered in), but since no space was available in that section, they chose to register into another section (second choice), as a backup plan.  However, if they can get into the preferred section, they no longer want the second choice section.


  • When a student is moved from the waitlist into the course, the student is officially registered in that course 
  • Students may waitlist classes any time during registration/add/drop period 
  • The number of courses/credits on the waitlist do NOT count towards the student’s full-time/ part-time status or financial aid eligibility until they actually move from the waitlist into the course 
  • Once moved from the waitlist into a course, students are responsible for payment of tuition and fees and meeting all applicable deadlines
  • When department chairs will conclude that a sufficient number of students are on the waitlist for a certain course, they will open new sections for that course.  If a new section will be opened, students on the waitlist will be notified so they can decide whether the new section meets their needs and whether they would like to register for that section.  Important: students on the waitlist will be given a specific timeframe within which to respond, after which the section will be opened to all students to register.
  • At the end of the add/drop period all unsatisfied waitlists will expire (wait lists will be cleared)