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Advanced Opportunities

Region IV Advanced Opportunities include academic dual credit, technical dual credit and Technical Competency Credit (TCC).  Advanced Opportunities allow high school students to simultaneously earn credit toward a high school diploma and a postsecondary degree.  It is important to note the difference between each of these opportunities and how college credits, earned through these programs, can further a student’s educational and career goals.

Dual Credit Courses are college courses taken by a high school student for which the student earns both college and high school credit.  Upon completion of a dual credit course, a student’s grade and credit(s) are recorded on both the high school and college transcripts.  Dual Credit coursework may take place at the high school, on a college campus, online, or via a broadcast system. It is important to note that students participating in dual credit courses must register for the course and submit their tuition payment prior to the college’s deadline which generally falls near the beginning of the term.  More information regarding CSI Dual Credit Program deadlines and processes can be found online at   
Within dual credit there are 2 types:
Academic Dual Credit-applies to postsecondary academic programs and some postsecondary technical programs.  Examples include English, Math, and Science coursework.
Technical Dual Credit-generally only applies to postsecondary technical programs and may be program specific.  Examples include Emergency Medical Technician (EMT,) Accounting, and Horticulture coursework.

Technical Competency Credit (TCC) this replaces the program formerly known as Tech Prep and is the opportunity for students to earn competency based technical credits for their high school technical coursework. Students may request the transcription of TCCs onto their college transcript after successfully completing the corresponding high school technical coursework and demonstrating the appropriate level of proficiency in the subject matter. Transcription of TCCs includes a small transcription fee and must take place after a student enrolls at CSI and no later than 2 years after completion of the course. It is important to note technical credits generally only apply to postsecondary technical programs and may be program specific. As Idaho switches between CATEMA and the new SkillStack system, please watch closely for policy updates and contact Melissa Miller with any questions.



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