Dual Credit

Dual Credit Coursework and Academic Expectations

A Dual Credit course is the equivalent of a college course. Course syllabus contains the curriculum outline, assignments, and grading policy of the college class. Students should refer to syllabus throughout the semester. The textbooks are the same books used on the college campus or a college-approved equivalent.

High school administrators sometimes want to complement the college course with other material if it is taught over a more extended period of time at the high school. They may want to include course materials that are part of the high school curriculum that are not stressed in the college course or they may want to add materials to satisfy AP requirements. This goal can best be accomplished by adding hours to the college course and assigning a high school instructor to enrich the curriculum. Because of the length of high school periods and the length of the high school semesters, more class time is usually available than is needed for the 45-hour/credit college course.