Placement Testing



  1. Apply for Admission (no application fee)
  2. Get a Student ID Number
    - which will either be sent to you in your acceptance letter or you can get it from the Admissions and Records Office in the Matrix (first floor of the Taylor building).
  3. Check Testing Center Hours & Policies
  4. Look at Sample Questions
  5. Take Placement @ one of the CSI testing centers
    (Bring a Picture ID)

Placement Testing

What is the CSI Placement Test?

Placement TestingAll degree-seeking students must take the CSI placement tests prior to enrolling in courses at the College of Southern Idaho. Non degree-seeking must take the placement tests if enrolling in courses that require Math or English placement. CSI uses the ALEKS Placement, Preparation, and Learning for math placement and THE WRITE CLASS for English placement. 

The ALEKS placement must be taken in a proctored environment for the scores to be used for official placement. After completing ALEKS students will be given learning modules if they do not reach the placement score they need to register for their class.  ALEKS placement may be retaken up to 5 times without any charge. 

THE WRITE CLASS gathers information from students about previous writing experiences and gives the student a clear set of expectations for each of the composition courses offered at CSI.  All CSI students will be required to take THE WRITE CLASS for English placement. For additional information on THE WRITE CLASS, click here.

These tests are NOT used to determine admission to CSI and students cannot "fail" the test. However, it is very important that students do their very best on the test because their scores will be used for course placement. The higher they score, the higher level Math and/or English courses they will be able to enroll in.

Do I Need to Take the Placement Test if I Already have ACT or SAT Scores?

Although CSI does not require the ACT test or the SAT test for admission, the scores may be used in lieu of the CSI ALEKS placement tests.  Depending on the scores received, students who have taken the ACT test and/or the SAT test within the last three years may not need to take the ALEKS placement.  The score ranges for the ACT test and the SAT test are located at the following link:

Please contact the Advising Office for more information about using ACT scores and/or SAT scores for placement.  All test scores must be less than three years old. 

What is My First Step?

  • Apply for Admission (no application fee)

  • Get a Student ID Number
    - which will either be sent to you in your acceptance letter or you can get it from the Admissions and Records Office in the Matrix (first floor of the Taylor building).

Where and When do I Take the Placement Test?

The ALEKS placement test is administered on the main campus in the Testing Center, on the second floor of the Meyerhoeffer building (room 230). The test is given on a walk-in basis; no appointment is necessary. The ALEKS exam has a maximum time limit of 2.5 hours so no ALEKS exams will be administered 2.5 hours before closing.  Please check Testing Center hours and policies and remember that a valid photo ID is required to take the Placement tests.

We recommend that high school students take the placement test during the last semester of their senior year, or right after graduation, to maximize their Math and English preparation. Students who have already graduated from high school can take the test anytime prior to registration.

Can I Take the CSI Placement at Another Location?

Students can take the ALEKS placement by appointment at CSI's three off-campus centers:

Off-Campus Center Address City Phone Number
Blaine County Center 1050 Fox Acres Rd.
Hailey, ID 83333
Hailey, ID (208) 788-2033
Mini-Cassia Center 1600 Parke Avenue
Burley ID 83318
Burley, ID (208) 678-1400
Northside Center Round Building 
202 14th Ave. E. 
Gooding, ID 83330
Gooding, ID (208) 934-8678

CSI also accepts official COMPASS placement assessment results taken at another university/college.  The test scores must be less than three years old and it is the student’s responsibility to have his/her scores sent to the CSI Admissions and Records Office.

Remote Testing

CSI ALEKS Placement can be taken remotely by an acceptable testing center or proctor:

  1. Find an acceptable proctor site or proctor nearest you.
  2. Submit Proctor Request Form to: Jeff Gourley, CSI Testing Center Coordinator ( for approval of your chosen testing site or proctor.
  3. After your proctor or site is approved the placement testing information will be sent directly to them.

What Do I Do With My Test Results?

When you complete the Placement testing session, you will receive a copy of your test results. You are strongly encouraged to set up an appointment with your major advisor to review your scores.  Liberal Arts majors, new students, non-degree seeking, and undecided students should bring their Placement scores to the Advising Center to discuss appropriate course planning and selection prior to registering for courses.  Bring your copy of the test results with you to the appointment with your advisor or when you are ready to register for classes. We also recommend that you take your test results with you on the first day of classes.

Can I Re-take the CSI Placement?

The ALEKS placement may be retaken up to 5 times with certain stipulations. Instructions for improving your skills and retakes will be given after the first attempt of the ALEKS in this "NEXT STEPS" document. Retakes must be completed within one year. If you have not met the goal after 5 attempts or one year's time has elapsed you will need to register for the class of your highest placement score.

THE WRITE CLASS may not be retaken.

For more information about the CSI placement test, please contact the Testing Center at (208) 732-6532