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July 13 – 14, 2021
College of Southern Idaho
Twin Falls, Idaho

Session Proposal

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the P-20 Educator Conference: Learning by Doing. This conference seeks to gather educators from Southern Idaho to explore ways to innovate teaching and expand learning opportunities for students and instructors. The goal of P-20 Educator Conference is to provide a thought-provoking and stimulating forum for educators of all disciplines and experience levels to share practical ideas and best practices to advance teaching and learning.
The deadline to submit your proposal is April 5, 2021. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by May 3, 2021. Questions regarding the submission process should be directed to p20@csi.edu.

Session Formats

  • Face-to-Face: Session will take place in a designated time and location. Session is intended to be experienced in-person only.
  • Broadcast/Face-to-Face: Session will take place at an assigned location and time and will be broadcasted via Microsoft Zoom at the same time.
  • Synchronous: Session will occur at a specific day/time via Microsoft Zoom only.
  • Asynchronous: 20-30-minute pre-recorded sessions to be consumed virtually at your own pace.

Proposal Review Criteria

  • Relevance to people across disciplines
  • Ideas situated within the relevant literature and/or best practices
  • Clarity of intended session objectives and learning outcomes
  • Clarity of intended session objectives and learning outcomes

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