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July 9 – 10, 2019
College of Southern Idaho
Twin Falls, Idaho

Session Proposal

Please use the following form to submit your session proposal (session length is 75 minutes).

All fields in the form are required. We recommend you compose your proposal offline and copy/paste your text into the online form fields. Once you submit your proposal, you will not be able to retrieve it for editing.

The deadline to submit your proposal is April 1, 2019. All submissions go through a blind, peer-review process by our advisory board. Members use a rubric to evaluate all proposal submissions. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by April 20, 2019. Questions regarding the submission process should be directed to p20@csi.edu.

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What teaching strategies or methods (e.g. Socratic circle, inquiry-based discussion, growth mindset activities, concept/mind maps, role play, or participatory development) will you use to assist your session participants answer your essential question?
Please provide a rough outline in 15-minute increments describing the flow and sequencing of your session. Include in your outline an estimate of the length of time needed for each of the elements of your session (i.e. introductions, discussions, Socratic circle, inquiry-based discussion, growth mindset activities, concept/mind maps, role play, participatory development, etc.). Your workshop session should include at least two opportunities for you to lead your participants through hands-on, interactive learning experiences.
How will your session workshop address the conference theme of reflection? How will you assist your participants engage in a thought exercise that will examine their assumptions