CSI Honors Program

Honors Program Mission and Goals

Honors Program Mission

The College Of Southern Idaho Honors Program serves the needs of highly motivated and academically accomplished students by providing a student-centered learning environment that strives to develop a student’s critical, social, and cultural awareness.  The Honors Program underscores the College of Southern Idaho’s commitment to quality and excellence in matters of knowledge, creativity and leadership. 

Honors Program Goals

  1. Attract and challenge highly motivated and talented students committed to an education comprehensive in breadth and depth.
  2. Provide culturally and socially stimulating activities, seminars, workshops and courses of individualized study.
  3. Provide students with support for both independent and collaborative learning opportunities.
  4. Provide individualized scholastic counseling and assistance with transfer, resume building, letters of recommendation, and scholarship support.
  5. To support the College’s student retention efforts in encouraging the best of our students, once enrolled, to remain at the College of Southern Idaho until graduation.
  6. To affect positively the intellectual atmosphere on campus by promoting honors coursework in all departments.
  7. To broaden the cultural horizons of honors scholars by providing access to a variety cultural events including theatre, art, music, and dance.
  8. To provide an atmosphere which brings together students from all parts of the campus in a cross-disciplinary environment that serves as a microcosm of the CSI campus as a whole. 
  9. To assist students with scholarship monies to advance their educations.
  10. To expose students to diverse ideas and perspectives through planning, implementation, and participation in the Eagle View Lecture Series.