ADC - Testing Center

Outside Proctor List

Proctor List (.xls)

Additional Testing Centers can be found at the National College Testing Association.

Guidelines for exams taken off campus

A distance learner who cannot travel to the CSI campus or one of the outreach centers can arrange to take tests by requesting a qualified individual to monitor, or proctor, his or her exams. (see list below)


To qualify as a proctor, an individual should hold one of the following positions listed below.

Personal friends, family members, and co-workers are not approved proctors.

  • College or university
    • dean
    • department head
    • professional staff member of the adult or continuing education office
    • counseling center
    • testing center
  • Private or public school
    • superintendent
    • principal
    • department head
    • counselor
    • grade team leader
  • City, county, etc.
    • certified librarian at a local library
    • civil service examiner
  • Other
    • United States Armed Forces Educational Services officer
  • It is the student's responsibility to find a proctor and pay any associated costs for testing. Some qualified testing proctors have been established by CSI, please check the database to see if a proctor is setup in your area. If a student is unable to find a qualified proctor they may contact the Campus Testing Center.
  • All proctors must be approved through your class instructor. For proctor approval complete and mail or fax the proctor request form to your class instructor.
  • When your proctor is verified all tests or testing information will be sent directly to the proctor with proctoring guidelines.
  • It is the student's responsibility to contact the proctor and set up appointments to take exams.
  • Once the test is completed the proctor will return a test verification form and any scratch paper with all exams in the self-addressed, stamped envelope to the instructor.