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Testing Center Information for Instructors

Complete Online Proctor Sheet for
all computer based exams

Download PDF Proctor Sheet for all paper exams

If you are interested in using the Campus Testing Center, send us an e-mail or an interoffice message with the names of the classes for which you will need test files prepared. If we can set up your files before the upcoming semester, we can process your materials faster and more efficiently when you bring them to the Testing Center.

Please be advised of the following guidelines. They are designed to permit the Testing Center to assist instructors in addition to being user friendly to students. In addition to these guidelines, please read the instructor policies and procedures.

We do not allow textbooks, reference materials or multiple pages of student notes in the Testing Center. If you have multiple page information you want a student to use on a test, please provide the sheets with that information attached to the test. Students going through multiple pages or books are very disruptive to other students so this is restricted in the testing center.

Label your tests with the following information:

1. Instructor´┐Żs name

2. Class name and number

3. Name or number of test

Tests will be returned to the instructor if the above information is not included.

Tests are given out until 1 hour prior to closing. Please advise your students at the beginning of your class about the Testing Center’s time and date schedule. In fact, it would be advisable to print those hours on your class syllabus. Also, please advise them that their CSI ID card is required prior to taking any CSI course exams. Students may be denied a test without a CSI ID. Please strongly emphasize this to your students.

Please provide enough answer sheets and tests for your students. Scantron sheets may be purchased in the bookstore and charged to your department.

If you are teaching more than one class, you may consider using different colored paper for each test.

Our staff would appreciate any suggestions you can give to help the Campus Testing Center serve you better. You may call us at ext. 6532, or e-mail the Campus Testing Center director at We appreciate your support.