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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CSI accepts Subject Matter CLEP scores for equivalent courses. The student who submits official CLEP Subject Matter examination scores must make application and enroll at the College of Southern Idaho or be enrolled at the time of submission of CLEP scores.

If the scores submitted are at or above the scores indicated by the departments, the student will receive credit for the equivalent courses. The Subject Matter examination will show the corresponding CSI course number, title and credit with no letter grade. The transcript will show CLEP scores. Credits received in this manner count toward the credit requirements for graduation, but they are not computed in the student's grade point average. For more information on CSI credit granting for CLEP go to Advising Center website.

The cost to take a CLEP exam is $87 paid to CLEP via the CLEP website prior to scheduling an appointment and a $25 administration fee is paid to the college at the time of the test. In addition, the Records Office charges a fee that is 20% of the current tuition to add CLEP scores to a student's transcript. The tests are administered at the Campus Testing Center in the Student Success Center located in the Meyerhoeffer Building. Call 732-6532 or 732-6569 for additional information.

The CLEP test is given by appointment only (minimum of 24 hours in advance). The Official Study Guide for the CLEP exams can be found on reserve in the CSI Library. Additional information on the CLEP exam can be found on CLEP's website.