LAP - Learning Assistance Program

The intent of Peer Tutoring is to help students help themselves, or to assist or guide them to the point at which they become an independent learner, and thus no longer need a tutor. The primary goal is to assist with troublesome content areas and identify skills necessary to complete complex assignments. Check out this video to learn more about the LAC location and resources

Tutors are available on a DROP-IN basis to provide tutoring in all subject areas where there is a high need. Tutors are available after the first week of classes and students are encouraged to begin utilizing this assistance early in the semester. Primary content areas for tutoring include Math, Writing, and General Education Core Sciences.

Qualified peer tutors await your arrival to assist you in clarifying problems, developing critical thinking, and comprehending challenging subjects. Tutors can be identified by yellow vests with an orange "tutors at work" diamond logo.

Follow these steps to get assistance from a Peer Tutor:

  1. Check-in by swiping your ID card, choosing the appropriate service and clicking the check-in button.  Tutoring services are available for current CSI students only.
  2. Look to the left as you enter the LAC. Schedules of tutors and subjects tutored in are posted on the wall. Check the schedule to see when tutors are available. Schedules are also posted on-line.
  3. Go to the designated area (signage is posted on the walls). Bring your text book and required assignment for which you are requesting assistance.
  4. Sit down and prepare your work. The tutor will check to see how they can best help you. If the tutor does not check with you within 10 minutes, raise your hand.
  5. Tutors will assist students as they arrive, rotating to a different student every 10 or 15 minutes or working in small groups with students with similar questions.
  1. Tutoring is not a homework session. However, questions regarding homework assignments are handled during a tutoring session. Tutees must read and attempt each homework assignment prior to the tutoring session.
  2. It is recommended you study two hours minimum outside of class for every hour spent in class. The LAC is a good place to come and study, but tutors are not there to proof read assignments, make corrections to homework, quiz you, or be a substitute teacher for not attending class.
  3. Please refrain from bringing children to avoid disturbing fellow students during their time of study.
  4. We are unable to provide one on one individual tutoring.