LAP - Learning Assistance Program

Become a Peer Tutor Earn Money Putting Your Skills to Use!

The intent of Peer Tutoring is to work collaboratively with students to help empower individuals to become more independent, confident, and effective in their learning. Peer tutors have the opportunity to provide academic tutoring, teach learning and study skills strategies, introduce students to academic support services and guide students through short- and long-term planning. Tutors are available on a DROP-IN basis for subject areas where there is a high need, including Math, Writing, and General Education Core Sciences.

Requirements and Expectations for Peer Tutors

Tutors must:

  1. Currently be College of Southern Idaho students.
  2. Have received A’s or B’s in the subject area(s) they tutor.
  3. Have a recommendation from a faculty member.
  4. Complete EDUC 110 C01W, a one credit on-line Peer Tutor Training Course, during the first few weeks of employment.
  5. Participate in mandatory trainings and meetings throughout the semester.
  6. Have a sincere desire to help others and a high level of patience.
  7. Possess good communication skills and a willingness to work on areas for improvement.

In order to complete the Peer Tutor Application Process, please do all of the following:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the following requirements and expectations for peer tutors.
  2. Complete the following application, including attaching an up-to-date unofficial transcript.
    1. Peer Tutoring Application (Electronically-Fillable Version)
    2. Peer Tutoring Application (Printable Version)
  3. Obtain a faculty recommendation for each subject area you would like to tutor (Math, English, Biology, Chemistry, etc.).  The chosen faculty member(s) should teach within the subject area(s) you wish you tutor and should know you well enough to speak to your abilities.  The recommendation form included with this application must be submitted directly from the faculty member to the Learning Assistance Coordinator either through email, mail, or in-person.
  4. Contact the Learning Assistance Coordinator to set-up an appointment time for an interview.