ADC - College-Level ESL

Admission and Enrollment

ESL students at CSI include both international students and U.S. residents who are non-native or multilingual speakers of English.

International students: (students with F-1 student visas)

International students work with the International Student Services office to apply for admission to the college and receive their student visa. You must meet a minimum language requirement in order to be admitted. Depending on your language level, you may be required to complete the CSI ESOL Assessment after you arrive on campus, and you may be required to take appropriate English courses during your first semester on campus.

Students who are residents of the United States:

These students start by taking The Write Class, the placement tool which is used for all writing courses at CSI. Your results may direct you to take the CSI ESOL Assessment, which includes a writing sample and a vocabulary exam. The writing sample is scored by 2 faculty in the English department. You will be given a placement recommendation for: