ADC - College-Level ESL

Program Description

The CSI college-level academic English program offers two levels of courses for college-bound students who are non-native or multilingual speakers of English. These courses are designed to help students who already have communicative English skills gain the academic English language proficiency needed to be successful in college study. To enter the college-level academic English courses, students complete The Write Class writing assessment and the CSI ESOL Assessment.

Courses in the academic English program are for college credit and require the payment of tuition and fees.  If you are a resident of the US, and you are not yet ready for the college-level program, or if you are interested in free, non-credit classes, please look at the Adult Basic Education (ABE) English Language Acquisition (ELA) program.

Contact Info

Deb Matier, Associate Professor, English
Office: Shields 111-C or 208.732.6816
Department of English, Languages, and Philosophy
Toll Free ID/NV:  1.800.680.0274 ext. 6800
FAX: 208.736.4786