Institutional Effectiveness : Internal Grants

Institutional Effectiveness

Internal Grants

Presidential Innovation Circle Grant

The Presidential Innovation Circle Grant is an opportunity for four full-time faculty members from diverse areas to come together and form a project and plan. The idea of this grant is that there is no requirement to submit a budget, a timeline, or even a clear proposal for work. Instead, this grant is to provide four faculty members release time for one semester (roughly three hours a week for fifteen weeks) to dream, innovate, collaborate, and create. The end result is an account of the process and perhaps a plan for the future.

Due date for the Presidential Innovation Circle Grant is December 1, 2016.
Applications should be submitted to Kathy Deahl in the Office of the President.

CSI Foundation Grants

CSI Common Grant Application Form must be used for all internal (CSI and CSI Foundation) grants except the Presidential Innovation Circle Grant.

  • Foundation Mini-Grants (up to $3,000)
    The purpose of these grants is to stimulate creative ideas and activities and their subsequent implementation that result in improved student learning and/or success. Collaboration among staff is an important criterion for selection.
    • For more information contact: Debbie Wilson, CSI Foundation Executive Director
  • Collaborative Retreat Grants (up to $3,000) – funded collaboratively between the CSI Foundation and the Faculty Staff Connections Committee (FSCC).
    The purpose of these grants is to foster communication and collaboration between two or more areas of the College that have specific mutual projects, interests, or issues.
    • For more information contact: Debbie Wilson, CSI Foundation Executive Director
  • Professional Development Grants (up to $3,000)
    Pursuant to the College of Southern Idaho core theme in support of Student Success, the CSI Foundation offers grants specifically for travel to national conferences in order to gain information or expertise that can return to the College for discussion, planning, and/or continuous improvement. Successful applicants will attend approved conferences and return to campus with a plan to educate, disseminate, and communicate new Best Practices. Preapproved conferences include ACTE, NISOD, and AACC. Others will be considered where applicable .
    • For more information contact: Debbie Wilson, CSI Foundation Executive Director

Institutional Grants

  • Pioneering Grants ($5,000-$10,000)
    The purpose of the Pioneering Grants is to support the Strategic Plan of the institution and promote farsighted, innovative, or visionary projects.  CSI faculty and staff are eligible to apply.  Applicants must show how the proposed projects will contribute to student learning, development, and success.  Projects involving inter- and intra-departmental collaboration among faculty and/or staff are encouraged.  Pioneering Grants are NOT meant to pay for ongoing operational costs or for projects that should be built into the regular departmental budgets through the annual UDP process. Pioneering Grants can be used for equipment. (See the CSI Common Grant Application Form for allowable and restricted expenditures.)

    The President of the College makes funds available to support development and innovation at CSI. Pioneering Grants are up to $10,000.  (availability of funds varies from year to year).

    Applicants will be asked to complete the CSI Common Grant Application form.

    Pioneering Grants Funding/Project History