New Hope Scholarship Application Requirements

New Hope Scholarship Application Requirements

Applications for 2013-14 New Hope Scholarship will open for Priority Awarding along with 2012-13 Second Round Awarding prior to CSI Spring term.

New Hope is a scholarship for first generation students entering CSI for the first time as College Freshman. First generation is defined as: a student whose parents have not completed a college degree.

Priority Deadline: March 1 (In scholarship office)
All applications received after March 1st will be considered by date received and available funds.
Guidelines: Transcripts must be submitted to the Scholarship Office for the application to be considered complete.

High School student: Seven semester or ten trimester transcript
GED/HSE: GED transcript and Compass scores
Applicant must have a minimum cumulative g.p.a. of 2.75 to apply.
Applicant must apply for admission to CSI. (Application Information)
Applicant must plan to attend CSI either at 6 to 11 credits or 12 credits or more per semester.
Awards are based on part-time ($375 for 6-11 credits) or full-time ($750 for 12 or more credits)
Applicant must have valid CSI ID number
Second semester awarding is contingent on completion of enrolled credits at 2.5 or above.

Please be sure that you submit your official transcripts if you are a high school or GED to the CSI Admission Office to complete the scholarship application. Official transcripts need to be original and in sealed envelope from transfer institution or highschool. Transcripts can be mailed or hand delivered but must be sealed.  Applications will be considered incomplete if official transcripts have not been received by the CSI Admissions.

Submit transcripts to:

College of Southern Idaho Admissions
PO Box 1238
Twin Falls, ID 83303