Jerome Center Facilities Use Form

Jerome Center Application for Use of Facilities

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Due to inflationary costs in building, maintenance, and energy, it has become necessary to charge for facilities.  Please contact Anna Dovenmuehler at (208) 324-7408 for prices on each room, or to request a fee reduction or waiver. A facilities meeting is held each Monday to approve applications and determine charges. All facility rentals are subject to Idaho state sales tax at 6%. If you are tax exempt, the tax exempt form will need to be returned with this application. Please mail the tax exemption form to Anna Dovenmuehler, 104 West Main Jerome , ID 83338 . Applications must be received prior to Monday to be read at meeting .

Applicant is responsible for returning the classroom to its original condition. Any items brought into the classroom must be removed at the close of the event. Food and/or beverages are not allowed in classrooms for regular CSI classes. If the facility is used for a meeting or class activity other than regular instructional purposes, food and beverage are allowed as long as the room is left tidy. Costs incurred for extraordinary cleaning at the end of your event, or for repairing or replacing any damaged items will be assumed by the Applicant

Technical equipment will be provided by Applicant. The center does not provide equipment.

Turn out all lights and lock doors as you exit the building at the end of your event.

CSI will not be responsible for errors in advertising locations(s) of event prior to application approval.