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Chem 100

Joseph Gardner
Associate Professor, Chemistry 
Office: Evergreen A17
Phone: 208-732-6427

Course Description

CHEM 100 Available: fall, spring 4 Cr Hrs

Chemistry in Everyday Life

This course is a presentation of the world of chemistry as it

impacts society and the individual. Topics include air and

water quality, energy and fuels, nuclear power, nutrition and

food, medicine and drug design, plastics, acids and bases,

oxidation and reduction, and other applications. The

emphasis is on the connection of chemistry with everyday life.

This course is intended for non-science students; very limited

math skills are necessary. CHEM 100 satisfies general

education core science requirements. This course meets for

an equivalent of three hours of lecture and two hours in the

laboratory per week. Corequisites: CHEM 100L