Responsibilities of Faculty Senate Executive Committee Chair Person

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Chair Person
Job Description

(Revised Spring 2012)

  1. Conduct both Executive Committee meetings and Faculty Senate Forum Meetings.
  2. Ensure the Faculty Senate Forum and Faculty Senate Executive Committee meeting schedule is updated on the website and send the link to all faculty and administration. (Note: send copies to Kathy Deahl and Shonna Parsons.)
    • 1st Tuesdays: Department Meetings
    • 2nd Tuesdays: Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meetings
    • 3rd Tuesdays: College-wide Committees
    • 4th Tuesdays: All-Faculty Forum
  3. Once each semester, schedule Meyerhoeffer 223 for FSEC meetings.
  4. Once each semester, schedule Hepworth 108 for Faculty Senate Forum Meetings.
  5. Determine agenda for Faculty Senate Executive Committee meetings and send with meeting notice to members by Thursday of previous week.
  6. Determine agenda for Faculty Senate Forum in conjunction with other members of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and send with meeting notice to all faculty by Thursday of the week prior to meeting.
  7. Schedule Faculty Senate Executive Committee members to attend the College Board of Trustees meeting on the 3rd Monday of each month. Two members should be scheduled for each meeting. (Note: call the Administrative Assistant to the President to confirm how many faculty will attend the board meeting.)
  8. Act as liaison between administration and Faculty Senate Forum - inviting members of the administration to speak at Faculty Senate Forum meetings.
  9. Review minutes of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Faculty Senate Forum and send them to the committee members and/or all faculty. Minutes are uploaded by the Secretary of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee to the Faculty Senate Website. E-mail copies to the President, Executive Vice President / Chief Academic Officer of Instruction, and the Deans of Instruction. Keep one hard copy in the Faculty Senate "big book."
  10. The Faculty Senate President and Secretary should keep copies of all minutes for both the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Faculty Senate Forum.
  11. Update the Faculty Handbook when needed and send changes to Human Resources for upload to the CSI webserver (which houses the most current version of the Handbook).
  12. Each year, review the responsibilities of the FSEC Chair and FSEC Secretary and make changes when appropriate.
  13. Meet with the Chief Academic Officer and FSEC Secretary one week before each FSEC meeting to cover potential topics for consideration.
  14. Coordinate FSEC reviews of Professor of Merit packets, due from applicants mid-February each year.
  15. Delegate an "Election Committee" for new FSEC appointments as needed.
  16. Notify the President’s Administrative Assistant of which two FSEC members will attend each monthly Board of Trustee meeting.
  17. Maintain up-to-date Faculty Senate distribution list on Outlook. Check with Human Resources each semester for any changes to faculty.