Honors Advisory Committee

Student Stories

Austin RottmanAustin Rottman

Receiving a scholarship from the foundation has been a great help to me as I get through school. This year with the scholarship I was able to pay my credit card back in full for my schoolbooks and continue to get through school debit free. This last semester I have been honored to join the CSI Honors Program, which will definitely help me as I go to transfer to a four-year school in the fall. As of now I am planning to apply to Harvard, Pennsylvania University, and Brown. With my cumulative GPA of a 3.8 and being in three extracurricular activities, my goal is to gain acceptance. I am currently studying general business here at CSI and when I transfer I plan to pursue the accounting field to become a CPA. Thank you to all who were able to assist in me getting this scholarship, with your help I hope to attend one of my dream schools.

Brianna EddyBrianna Eddy

The Foundation Scholarships are helping me finish reach my goal of getting my Associates degree in Baking and Pastry Arts, as well as providing funding for my classes and books, something I greatly appreciate.

In the future I hope to decorate cakes and bake on a larger scale, in my own bakery or under someone else's company.

I am excited to finish up my Associates Degree and move on to my dream job as a baker and to continue learning on the job wherever I go. Thank you so much for the scholarships and reports.

Beth MinniearBeth Minniear

I was a junior in high school when I took a field trip to the CSI campus and fell in love with it. It was at that moment that I decided I wanted to attend the College of Southern Idaho. I started to research CSI and found that tuition would be more expensive that I anticipated. As an out of state resident, the Foundation Scholarships that I received made the difference in my ability to become a CSI student. These scholarships allowed me to attend the school that I desired to go to, rather than attending the community college located in my hometown. I am extremely thankful for the Foundation Scholarships that I have received because I know that without them I would not have been able to go to the college that I longed to attend. I hope to graduate from the College of Southern Idaho in May of 2014 with two Associate of Arts Degrees, one in General Business and the other in Economics. After graduation, I plan on moving back to Elko and finding a full time job. While I am working, I still want to further my education, so I plan on completing an online Bachelor's Program.

Shaela RichardsShaela Richards

By having the support of Foundation Scholarships, students are able to attend school and further their education without having to worry too much about the money. I personally wouldn't be able to attend college at all if I didn't have the support of scholarships. I would have to work a full time job and take out loans, causing me to worry too much about that stuff and not focusing on school. Without the options of scholarships, I would honestly question my choice in even attending college.

Throughout high school, I had this elaborate plan to attend a university right off the bat and move out of the state and this whole assortment of things... until I realized the cost of it all. I have always been in honor programs and had at least a 3.96 gpa but even then, the cost of college is so expensive if a student is trying to just get a scholarship based on grades.

I had a lot of duel credit to CSI so I decided to go there instead because of the lower cost and it was closer to home. I have discovered that CSI is more than just an institute where teachers teach and students learn. CSI makes learning fun and it feels more like a community here. In just the short time that I have attended CSI, I already feel like it is my home. To think that without scholarships, I wouldn't be able to attend CSI, is a crazy thought.

I plan to go much further with my education. I would like to go into Pathology, or become a doctor of some sort so I definitely plan on going on to a four year university. I even want to go so far as to get my Master's degree, which will definitely require the help of scholarships. Having scholarship support has opened many new doors for my life and my education and I really appreciate every scholarship that I have gotten.

Sarah TetzloffSarah Tetzloff

I was asked to write this letter to the College of Southern Idaho foundation and I am very grateful for the opportunity. The CSI Foundation has been funding my education for the last two years, and without them, I would not be where I am; graduating in the spring with my Mathematics Education Degree. Because of the foundation, I knew that someone cared that I was going to college and that someone believed in me.

But furthermore, I was asked to write about my dreams and hopes for the future. As of right now, I am planning on graduating in the spring with my Mathematics Education and Mathematics degrees. I will be graduating from the Honors Program and Phi Theta Kappa. I then plan on attending Idaho State University in the fall. I want to continue pursuing both degrees, and take Geology classes on the side. When I finish my schooling, I want to get a job at a public school teaching secondary mathematics. I want to teach students that math can be fun and easy to understand, and I want to teach them that they can do anything in this world if they set their mind to it.

Aaron DobbsAaron Dobbs

My name is Aaron Dobbs, and I would like to just briefly summarize what opportunities the scholarships that I have received from the Foundation have allowed me access to. Because of my awards, I am now able to attend CSI with the goal of achieving my Associates degree with virtually no debt. This will help facilitate my success here at CSI, and undoubtedly contribute to my success elsewhere, be it a 4-year university or the workplace. My plans for additional education include the attendance of a university, although I am unsure which one at this point. My career goals are fiercely eclectic, ranging from interests in linguistics, economics, foreign studies, and finance to bio-medical engineering and genetics. To pinpoint a definite career path for me right now would be an infinitely complex task, but thanks to the support and scholarship funds so generously given to me by the Foundation, the ability for me to do so is much more realistic and achievable, and for this I extend my sincerest gratitude.

Cody ElliottCody Elliott

It is an honor for me to have the grateful chance to express my thanks in the aid of the CSI Foundation Scholarships for the honors program. I am currently registered at 18 credits plus a pass/fail phlebotomy class. This strenuous amount of academics has kept me limited from working. The financial aid provided has given me the chance to worry less about money and focus more on what really matters. I am a premedical student who struggles to find the integrity and honesty in the medical field today. It is a booming industry, and something like this has the typical tendency to focus on money rather than a love for humanity. As of right now, I hope to help myself and grow, so that in the future, I can help others. I have a dream to provide medical care to people without them having to crawl back to rich people who have never been in caregivers' shoes before. " The human side is the most important part of medicine. That's what heals the most." -Dr. McClusky Thank you again, and God Bless!

Darrell FalconburgDarrell Falconburg

First and foremost, the foundation scholarship has substantially reduced the financial burden on my parents. As we are going through difficult financial times as a result of the economy, and because the cost of college is expensive, even at CSI, every donation to my college education helps tremendously. Therefore, this scholarship has played a huge part in allowing me to go through my first year of college debt free.

After College of Southern Idaho I plan on continuing my education by attending a Liberal Arts college. In receiving this type of education, I will be provided with a broad knowledge of the wider world. I will also specialize in a field that will help me with my career, which will be in the social sciences. It is largely because of CSI and the financial help that has been given to me by the foundation scholarship that I can broaden my range of future possibilities and go to a college in the future that fulfills these desires.

Devany SanchezDevany Sanchez

I am a freshman majoring in Criminal Justice, trying to follow my dream of becoming an FBI agent. In high school I did not care for school, my dad passed away in my sophomore year, my mom had to take over the family business, which left me to be the 'mom'. I have two brothers, and two sisters, one of which dropped out of high school to help provide for us. All three of us girls are currently in the honors program. I made a promise to my dad, in which assured him I would graduate high school. I graduated high school and now I am a college student in which this time, I promised myself I would graduate. My family has had so many financial problems, therefore CSI's Foundation Scholarships has helped me beyond belief. Not only has it helped me financially, but also it has given me the resources to stay strong, to prepare for the future, it has proved to me anybody who sets their mind to it can succeed. I plan on transferring to a four year university and graduate with a bachelor's degree. I never thought I could get as far as I am today, I thought that would only happen in my dreams, but now I am here proving myself wrong. Many thanks to the CSI's Foundation Scholarships.

Ilse SanchezIlse Sanchez

As a member of the Honors program, I would to like express my appreciation for the support CSI Foundation has provided for me. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of this fantastic program. The financial help has given me the foundation to focus more on my educational goals. In addition, it provides me with the strength to keep going, and come closer to my dreams. I am majoring in Criminal Justice and will pursue to become an FBI Agent. I plan to graduate from CSI with an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice then plan to transfer to a four year university. I am very pleased to know that there are organizations like the CSI foundation that will help others make their hopes come true. My dreams go on and beyond, I believe anything is achievable if you fight for it. Thank you for all the great things you have provided for many of us. These programs help make life's struggles easier. Your support will help me go very far in my education.

Jessica LopezJessica Lopez

Over the last two years, the College of Southern Idaho has not only provided me with quality education but has also played a fundamental role in shaping, strengthening, and preparing me both academically and professionally for my future academic goals. Amongst these goals is to graduate from CSI and then transfer to a university, so one day, I can hopefully achieve my career dream of being able to compete and work in the field of advertisement. With that all being said, one of the essential components that has made it possible for me to participate and take advantage of all the different aspects that CSI has to offer, is the College of Southern Idaho Scholarship Foundation. The CSI Scholarship Foundation has given me the opportunity to strive for my career dream of working in advertisement, by helping me pay off my school books and/or tuition. These CSI scholarships are so important to me because they have helped me attain a solid education and most importantly have allowed me to concentrate on my education by alleviating some monetary stress. This allows me not only to be able to participate, but to get closer to my goal of working in advertisement.

Jordan DavisJordan Davis

With great gratitude I am pleased to have a Foundation Scholarship offered through the College of Southern Idaho's Honors Program. This scholarship helps greatly with my financial burden that every college student has to go through. This scholarship is helping me pay for the cost of living while attending CSI. It will go a long ways in helping me achieve my goals. This is currently my second year at CSI and have one more year following this one until I plan on graduating. The scholarship will help out greatly throughout that course of times, with tuition, cost of living, and food.

After I graduate from CSI with my Associate's Degree in Pre-Pharmacy I plan on going to Idaho State University to start the Doctor of Pharmacy Curriculum, which is offered in Meridian, Idaho. After graduating from Idaho State University I then plan on working as a pharmacist somewhere in the Treasure Valley.

Justin CainJustin Cain

First I would like to give you a whole hearted thank you. Your exceedingly generous scholarships have allowed me to continue my education and have lifted an immense financial burden from me. It is doubtful that I would even be in school right now, if it wasn't for the scholarships that I have received. I am really very grateful for the help. I am a music major here at CSI and when I have finished my degree I plan to go to the University of Oregon to study Intermedia Music Technology. Basically the cutting edge of new musical technology, which could be applied to helping others learn to play music through different interactive means, developing new computer based audio processors, and even music therapy that could be used to help and provide effective therapy to individuals with disorders like autism. It is an exciting new field with unlimited potential and I hope to one day use my knowledge for the betterment of everybody not just myself. Attaining and then furthering my education beyond CSI would have been nearly impossible without the financial assistance I have been given now. I am very grateful and always will be.

Nicole HutchisonNicole Hutchison

Foundation Scholarships are the reason I get to go to CSI. There isn't anything I am more grateful for than the scholarships I have received. I never thought I was going to be able to go to college after high school, because I thought I couldn't afford it and I figured the process would be too difficult. But CSI have been nothing but a great help to me. I talked with several people about the different opportunities that were available here and I found out that this school really wants its student to succeed. It has programs for every person attending. CSI is nothing but an amazing school that has given me the opportunity of a lifetime. After CSI I plan on attending a university and furthering my academic goals, I'm working on a degree for English to be a teacher. CSI is a great starter school that really cares; I don't want to leave it just yet so for now I'm just going to enjoy my time here.

Dylan LeavittDylan Leavitt

Without the financial support provided by the CSI Foundation Scholarships, I fear that I wouldn't be attending college. While it is possible for me to self-fund my education, being able to focus on my academics, and not on earning minimum wages, has kept my grades in line with my goals. I have been a part of the CSI Honors Program, and have been enjoying it immensely.

I'm unsure of what's next for me in my education, but I do know that there's very much a future for me. Perhaps a university is in store, or perhaps a vocational school (nursing?), or maybe even some more CSI. Whatever it is, I would like to express my gratitude to the providers of my scholarships for taking care of me. It is sincerely appreciated.

Joshua OgbornJoshua Ogborn

I am so thankful for receiving the Foundation Scholarship. It benefited me greatly by relieving some of the stress about funding my education. I like to get really involved in school from the start of the semester, whether it is taking school courses, joining clubs, or attending school events. I get so busy when the semester starts that it makes it difficult to have a job. Typically I work over the summers to save up money for the semester ahead. Unfortunately this summer I was enrolled in two summer classes which had an impact on how much I was able to work. The Foundation Scholarship really helped replenish my ability to pay for my education since I had not been able to save over the summer. The Foundation Scholarship made it much easier to be a student here at CSI.

Sadly, one day my education will end here at CSI and I will move on to the next chapter in life. I am planning to apply to Harvard University before I leave CSI. I plan to attend if/when I am accepted. Say what you would like, but I set my goals high and I achieve them. I try to live my life based on my own philosophy that “One must always take the hardest path, for when the easiest path is no longer an option, one will be confident it can be done”. My future goals are looking very promising. Owning my own business has been a dream of mine since I was young. With my Business Degree I plan to restart an apparel company I had previously started while attending high school. When I am all done with school, I plan to take the time to travel the world from the Mayan ruins to the Easter Island. I want to see and learn about it all!

Wendy AndreasonWendy Andreason

I am a first generation college student from a low income family; scholarships from the Foundation have allowed me to attend CSI and further my education. These scholarships have let me focus on school and prioritize my studies without having to get a fulltime job to cover my tuition, books, and other fees. While attending CSI, I have been able to discover the major I would like to study and eventually make my vocation.

After I graduate from CSI, I plan to transfer to a university and get a Bachelor's degree in Accounting. While I'm studying for my degree, I plan to intern at an accountant's office to gain more knowledge and hands-on experience. Once I have my passed my CPA exam, I hope to open a small accounting practice in which I plan to focus on farming and ranching accounts. Without the generous support and assistance from the Foundation, I wouldn't be able to focus on furthering my education and reaching my goals. Thank you, CSI Foundation, for the aid that has allowed me to advance and grow!