Best Practices in Education

Mission Statement:

The Faculty of the College of Southern Idaho is committed to provide educational, social and cultural opportunities for a diverse, rapidly changing student population. The Committee for Best Practices in Education supports this mission by promoting and disseminating successful and innovative methods of quality instruction and classroom management.

Committee Chair: (co-chair)

Evin Fox
Professor, Early Childhood Education and Teacher Education
Phone: 732-6872
Building: Hepworth 121


General Information:

The Committee for Best Practices in Education (BPE) fits in with the college-wide strategic plan (2004-2005) in five important ways. Our mission statement and practices address areas from all four goals: Goal I Action area D, #s 1,3, and 4, Goal II, Goal III Action area A #2, and Goal IV Action area A #1.

Goal I Action area D addresses quality. Quality of teaching is the cornerstone theme of thCommittee’s mission statement. Action items 1, 3, and 4 center around quality instruction. BPE’s activities and workshops provide the faculty of CSI opportunities to enhance their teaching by learning and discussing pertinent and topical teaching strategies with their peers.

Innovation is the focus of Goal II. BPE embraces this focus through its workshops and activities. Innovation is central to the interactions and techniques discussed and demonstrated at BPE’s Brown Bag Workshops.

Goal III Action area A #2 stresses sharing and cooperation among and between departments and disciplines. The Brown Bag workshops and Faculty In-service Week panels address this focus by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas that fosters cooperation, discussion of common issues and the sharing of successful techniques.

BPE addresses Goal IV action area A #1 by helping CSI in its endeavor to fully develop its human resources. Action area A #1 focuses on faculty development and renewal. Development of faculty and the feeling of renewal can stem from knowing others share common goals and encounter similar problems. BPE’s workshops and panels provide faculty opportunities to enhance their professional development and experience feelings of renewal after attending and participating in activities and discussions with their peers.

BPE’s activities and workshops closely coincide with action items from all four goals presented in the CSI Strategic Plan. BPE strives to provide opportunities for faculty to focus on the quality of instruction, be exposed to innovations in the classroom, share and cooperate with their peers across disciplines, and to fully develop their capacity and experience renewal. All of these center around the theme of quality. Quality is what makes CSI a special place for both the students and faculty of CSI.