Faculty Staff Connections Committee :: By-Laws

Faculty Staff Connections Committee



  • Committee membership will be comprised of a balanced number of faculty and staff representing all different areas of campus
  • The ideal number of members will range from 14 minimum to 20 maximum
  • Membership terms will vary, but generally will be 4-5 years
  • Members will be sought on a volunteer basis with final approval by VP/CAO
  • One member will be a liaison representative to PACE, and will be identified as such

Faculty Staff Connections Committee members are expected to attend and participate in regularly scheduled meetings and activities. If a committee member is unable to fulfill their term they need to notify a co-chair of their inability to serve. After missing three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings, the member may be asked to step down and a replacement will be sought.



  • Appointed by simple nomination and majority vote by members
  • Conduct meetings as designated
  • Determine agenda for Faculty Staff Connections Committee meetings and send with meeting notice to members prior to meeting
  • Ensure copies of all minutes are filed (location TBA) appropriately
  • Delegate and/or facilitate the formation of sub-committees where appropriate and as needed
  • Serve two-year, staggered terms
  • Work with the VP to find/determine the appropriate replacement for members leaving the committee
  • Will have served on the FSCC for at least one year prior to their appointment as co-chair


  • Appointed by simple nomination and majority vote by members
  • Serve a two year term
  • Record minutes, type and send draft to co-chairs for review
  • Place a hard copy of the approved minutes, meeting handouts and/or other written information shared at the meeting in the appropriate location for the record
  • Track expenses and prepare financial reports for presentation each meeting
  • Update website for the FSCC as appropriate


  • Will be held the third Tuesday of September, October, November, February, March, and April at 1:00 p.m. Additional meetings may be held as needed
  • Conducted under a modified parliamentary authority i.e. Robert’s Rules of Order (voting will be by simple majority of members present)


The committee will develop a UDP with operating budget to be submitted to the Exec VP/CAO annually in April each year (for the following fiscal year) to ensure funding will be available for proposed activities/events.

Ratification of and Amendments to the By-Laws

  • The by-laws should be reviewed annually at the October meeting.
  • Amendments to the by-laws may be proposed by any member of the committee. A request for amendment must be submitted in writing to the Committee co-chairs at least nine working days prior to the meeting. Notice of any proposed change shall be included in the meeting notice. Passage of the amendment requires the approval of two-thirds of the members when a quorum is present. A quorum for this purpose is a majority of the members.