Rosa Davila
Rosa Davila
Professor, Chemistry (Hablo Español) 

Office: Evergreen A12
Phone: 208-732-6425
Rosa Davila

Education Information

PhD. in Inorganic Chemistry, 1993

Texas A&M University


B. S. in Chemistry, 1989

University of Puerto Rico



Postdoctoral Fellow (Organic Chemistry), 1994

University of Texas at Austin

Background/Personal Information

I am originally from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. My husband is a computer wiz, he's from Colombia and we have two boys. Hablo español! I play the guitar and sing (mostly in Church). We are very active with the Hispanic Community in this area.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is a vocation. As a teacher I am called to not only help the student learn discipline specific concepts but also to help students develop skills to become better individuals. In my courses I stress the importance of responsibility, accountability and self-motivation. I enjoy working with students and interacting with so many different personalities. I enjoy the challenge of reaching all of my students and giving them the basic tools to ask and answer scientific questions.

 Why Chemistry?

When I tell people that I teach Chemistry they look at me with a big question mark on their face. BUT WHY? Chemistry is fun!  It is everywhere! Yes, it does involve math and some challenging theories behind it, but just think...our whole life is affected by what tiny atoms can do! I try to share my enthusiasm in class with my students and try to show with real life examples how Chemistry affects their everyday life.

Course Information

Links of Interest

  1. Chemistry Program - CSI
  2. American Chemical Society
  3. Web Elements - Periodic Table of the Elements on the web
  4. International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Structure and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. An Experiment for the General Chemistry Laboratory Rosa M. Dávila and R. K. Widener, Journal of Chemical Education, August 2002.



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