Kimberly Madsen Dill
Kimberly Madsen Dill
Professor, English 

Office: Shields 112D
Phone: 208-732-6523
Kimberly Madsen Dill

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Background/Personal Information

I teach in the English Department at the College of Southern Idaho and have taught Basic, Developmental, Freshman, and Intermediate Composition, Introduction to Literary Analysis, and English Literature II. Every semester, I teach a section of Honors English Composition II, and I also teach many of these courses in an online or hybrid environment.

I love teaching and writing. Even though writing is a blood-sweat-and-tears kind of process, the outcome is deeply satisfying.  Teaching writing is much the same -- both the blood-sweat-and-tears part and the deeply satisfying part.  I love to experience with my students the "aha" moment when they begin to recognize that they too are writers.

As for my own education, I'm working on a Ph.D. in English at Idaho State University. I'm interested in Western American literature,  food writing, cultural criticism,  science and nature writing, and travel literature, particularly of the Victorian period, which I'll study more in my Ph.D. program.  Regardless of this next phase in my education, I'll always be a lifelong learner.    In the future, I would like to continue my studies in Spanish, French (begun way back in high school), and begin studies in Italian, Greek, and Latin.

I'm also a runner.  I usually enter a 5 or 10k, or a half-marathon a few times a year to keep me running.  My running partner, Gus, a Blue Heeler/Border Collie cross, also keeps me running, insisting that I head out the door early in the mornings.

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Links of Interest

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  2. Western Literature Association
  3. The Victorian Web
  4. The British Library
  5. Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine,
  6. Environmental Communication Network
  7. CompPile: 1939-Present
  8. Postcolonial Web
  9. Librivox



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