Joseph Gardner
Joseph Gardner
Associate Professor, Chemistry 

Office: Evergreen A17
Phone: 208-732-6427
Joseph Gardner

Education Information


PhD. in Inorganic Chemistry, 2005

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah


M. S. in Analytical Chemistry, 1999

Idaho State University

B. S. in Chemistry, 1999

Idaho State University



Postdoctoral Fellow (Materials Chemistry / Organic Chemistry), 2005-2007

Idaho State University

Internship at NAIR (National Industrial for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research), 2001

Tsukuba Science City, Japan

Background/Personal Information

I was born and raised in Pocatello.  I graduated from Idaho State University in 1999 with my BS/MS in Analytical Chemistry and in 2001 performed an internship in Tsukuba Japan at the NAIR (National Industrial for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research) developing molecular switches.  In 2005 I graduated from Brigham Young University-Provo with my Doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry specializing in cation and anion separations from hazardous waste systems.  From 2005-2007 I was a visiting faculty member at Idaho State University teaching general chemistry and performing postdoctoral work in material development of next generation solar cell technology.


Course Information


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  2. Gardner, Joseph S.; Shurdha, E.; Wang. C.; Lau, L. D.; Rodriquez, R.; Pak, J. J.  “Rapid Synthesis and Size Control of CuInS2 Semi-Conductor Nanoparticles Using Microwave Irradiation.” Submitted to Journal of Nanoparticle Research
  3. Controlled Microwave Synthesis of CuInS2 Nanoparticles, Rodriquez, R.; Pak, J. J. Gardner, Joseph S.; Shurdha, E.; Jenkins, C. R. Patent Pending
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  12. J. S. Gardner, “Photophysics and Spectroscopic Properties of free and Zeolite-Entrapped Homoleptic and Heteroleptic Bipyridazine Ru(II) Complexes,” Thesis, Idaho State University, 1999



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