Degrees/Certificates Offered at the College of Southern Idaho

Degrees/Certificates Offered at the
College of Southern Idaho

  CSI offers the following degrees and certificates:
  • AA Associate of Arts
  • AS Associate of Science
  • AE Associate of Engineering
  • AAS Associate of Applied Science
  • TC Technical Certificate
  • PC Postsecondary Certificate
Accounting/Bookkeeping - AAS 4230A
Administrative Assistant - BTC 4338V
Administrative Assistant - ITC 4338T
Advanced Food Technology- BAS 8121B
Agri-Business - AA 1104R
Agri-Business - ITC 4102T
Agriculture - AA 1100R
Agriculture - AAS 4103A
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating - AAS 4500A
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating - BTC 4500V
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating - ITC 4500T
American Sign Language - AA 1314R
Animal Science - AS 1103S
Animal Science - Livestock Technician - ITC 4111T
Anthropology - AA 2100R
Aquaculture - AAS 4115A
Aquaculture - ITC 4115T
Art - Visual - AA 1403R
Automation Engineering Technology - AAS 4586A
Automation Engineering Technology - BTC 4586V
Automation Engineering Technology - ITC 4586T
Automotive - ASEP - AAS 4532A
Automotive Collision Repair - BTC 4520V
Automotive Refinishing - BTC 4521V
Baking and Pastry Arts - AAS 4200A
Baking and Pastry Arts - BTC 4200V
Baking and Pastry Arts - ITC 4200T
Biology - AS 1941S
Business - General - AA 1204R
Business Management/Entrepreneurship - AAS 4231A
Business Management/Entrepreneurship - ITC 4231T
Cabinetmaking/Woodworking - AAS 4540A
Cabinetmaking/Woodworking - BTC 4540V
Cabinetmaking/Woodworking - ITC 4540T
Certified Nursing Assistant - BTC 4401V
Chemistry - AS 2001S
Collision Repair Technology - ITC 4520T
Communication - AA 1410R
Computer Science - AS 1701S
Computer Support Technician - ITC 4330T
Criminal Justice - AA 2101R
Culinary Arts - AAS 4202A
Culinary Arts - BTC 4202V
Culinary Arts - ITC 4202T
Dance - AA 1440R
Dental Assistant - ITC 4407T
Dental Hygiene - AAS 4419A
Diesel Technology - AAS 4562A
Diesel Technology - ITC 4562T
Digital Media - AAS 4336A
Digital Media - ITC 4336T
Drafting Technology - AAS 4570A
Drafting Technology - ITC 4570T
Economics - AA 2111R
Education - AA 2127R
Education - Early Childhood - AA 2125R
Education - Early Childhood - AAS 4680A
Education - Early Childhood - BTC 4680V
Education - Early Childhood - ITC 4680T
Emergency Medical Technician - BTC 4408V
Emergency Medical Technician - ITC 4408T
Engineering - AE 1710E
English - AA 1300R
  MajorMajor Code
Equine Business Management - AS 1211S
Equine Studies - AA 1102R
Equine Studies - AAS 4110A
Equine Studies - ITC 4110T
Fire Service Technology - AAS 4590A
Food Processing Technology - AAS 4121A
Food Processing Technology - BTC 4121V
Food Processing Technology - ITC 4121T
Geology - AS 2003S
Geospatial Technology - BTC 4123V
Health Science - AS 1800S
Heavy Equipment Ag Technology - AAS 4564A
Heavy Equipment Ag Technology - ITC 4564T
History - AA 2104R
Horticulture - AAS 4116A
Horticulture - AS 1116S
Horticulture - ITC 4116T
Hospitality Management - AAS 4219A
Hospitality Management - ITC 4219T
Industrial Systems Maintenance Technology - ITC 4122T
IT Development and Security - AAS 4340A
Law Enforcement - AAS 4610A
Law Enforcement - BTC 4610V
Law Enforcement - ITC 4610T
Liberal Arts - AA 1002R
Liberal Arts - AC 1002T
Library and Information Science - AA 1602R
Machining & Manufacturing Technology - AAS 4584A
Machining & Manufacturing Technology - BTC 4584V
Machining & Manufacturing Technology - ITC 4584T
Mathematics - AS 1720S
Medical Assistant - ITC 4410T
Music - AA 1431R
Natural Resources Management - AS 1932S
Network Systems Technician - AAS 4337A
Nursing - Practical - ITC 4411T
Nursing - Registered - AS 1501S
Outdoor Recreation Leadership - AA 1930R
Outdoor Recreation Leadership - BTC 4930V
Outdoor Recreation Leadership - ITC 4930T
Paramedic - AAS 4413A
Pharmacy (Pre) - AS 2004S
Physical Therapist Assistant - AAS 4420A
Physics - AS 2005S
Political Science - AA 2106R
Psychology - AA 2107R
Radiologic Technology - AAS 4414A
Renewable Energy Systems Technology - AAS 4122A
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math - AS 2006S
Social Work - AA 2112R
Sociology - AA 2109R
Spanish - AA 1315R
Surgical Technology - AAS 4412A
Surgical/Central Sterile Processing Tech - BTC 4412V
Theatre - AA 1421R
Veterinary Technology - AAS 4112A
Water Resource Management - BTC 4113V
Water Resource Management - ITC 4113T
Welding Technology - AAS 4661A
Welding Technology - BTC 4661V
Welding Technology - ITC 4661T

For more information please contact the Advising Center or your major advisor.

The Advising Center provides advising services to new students, those who are still deciding on a major, Liberal Arts majors, non-degree seeking students, and individuals interested in enrichment courses. Current students must work in close relation with their major advisors. Students needing major advisor referral assistance should contact the Advising Center to receive advisor contact information. For more information on advising services available at CSI, please visit the Advising Center website.

If you are a current student and would like to find out what classes you still need to take in order to complete the requirements for a particular degree (or degrees), you can look in the CSI Catalog or contact the Admissions and Records Office for a degree audit.

Contact Information:
Advising Center
Location: Matrix, Taylor Administration Building
Phone: (208) 732-6250 (Idaho/Nevada 1-800-680-0274)
Fax: (208) 736-3014