Program Websites


Program Websites


Agriculture Department, Matthew Quesnell

Business and Economics

Business and Economics Department, Crystal Ayers


Education Department, Dr. Tracey Meyerhoeffer

English, Languages, and Philosophy

English, Languages, and Philosophy Department, Dr. Clark Draney

Enrichment & Off-Campus

 Community Education, Stacy Madsen

Health Science & Human Services

Health Science & Human Services Department, Dr. RoseAnna Holliday

Registered Nursing, Dr. Kalise Price

Honors Program

Honors Program, Brian Dobbs

Information Technology

Information Technology Department, Lori Garnand

Library and Information Science

Library and Information Science Department, Teri Fattig

Math and Engineering

 Math and Engineering Department, Dr. Ron Cresswell

Science, Biology, and Computer Science

Biology Department, Bill Ebener

Science, Physical Science

Physical Science Department, Mark Daily

Social Science

Social Science, Brian Dobbs

Student Success Center

Student Success Center, John Hughes

Trade & Industry

Trade and Industry Department, David Wyett

Trade & Industry Partnerships

Industry Training and Partnerships, David Wyett

Visual, Performing and Liberal Arts

Visual, Performing and Liberal Arts Department, Whitney Smith

Workforce Development

Workforce Development, Brandi Turnipseed

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