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CSI Constitution Day Luncheon with Guest Speakers

You are invited to CSI’s Constitution Day luncheon on Thursday, September 14th from Noon to 1:30 pm at the Turf Club, Twin Falls.

The luncheon on September 14th is coordinated by the College of Southern Idaho as a part of its Constitution Day celebration. It is sponsored by local businesses, The Idaho Humanities Council, the College as well as our local District Bar Association.     It is also a test run for the establishment of a City Club in Magic Valley. You may know that the purpose of city clubs is to present programs of topical interest in order to promote civil discussion and debate around the issue.

Joining us that day are Idaho Supreme Court Justice Robyn Brody; former University of Idaho interim President and Law Dean, Don Burnett; and Dr. David Adler, Constitutional law author and President of the Alturas Institute. They will present ideas on the role of the Judicial Branch in our democracy in the context of the current political and social climate.

Lunch will be provided but you must RSVP online. Space is limited so register today.

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September 14, 2017
Turf Club, Twin Falls

  1. Introduction of participants
  2. Don Burnett - topic: "The Rule of Law and the Role of an Independent, Impartial Judiciary"
  3. Dr. David Gray Adler - topic: Constitutional tension among the Three Branches of Government
  4. Justice Brody - topic: Federalist/Anti-Federalist strains in US jurisprudence; and judges and the judicial system in the media.
  5. Q&A moderated by Dr. Adler
  6. City Club comments, Dr. Fox/Dr. Tremayne/Rick Ardinger

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