Expo Center

Expo Center

The CSI Expo Center is an educational center which is home to the "Golden Eagles" National Championship Rodeo Team. The Expo Center is a 200' x 300' heated indoor arena that seats 3500.

The Expo Center is mainly used for rodeo team practices, rodeo team events, equine program instruction, and vet tech instruction. CSI Clubs and organizations use the Expo Center to hold their fund raising events.

Several community events are also held in the Expo Center each year.


Expo CenterRodeoExpo Center

Schedule of Events 2017-2018

September 2017

September 16
Idaho Cattle Association's Ribeye Caucus
Contact: Laurie Lickly 208-420-7975

September 17
SIBRA Barrel Race
Contact: Lana Parker 208-420-5287

November 2017

November 10-12
Harvest Time Festival
Contact: Dianne Jolovich 208-732-4024

December 2017

December 8-19
CSI Softball Camp
Contact: Nick Baumert 208-308-4978

December 26-29
CSI Baseball Camp
Contact: Boomer Walker 208-308-4024

January 2018

January 18-20
Magic Valley Indoor RV Show & Sale
Contact: Marc Kinnison 208-293-9100

January 27
41st Annual CSI Cowboy & Cowgirl Boxing Smoker
Contact: Steve Birnie 208-732-6620 or Kelly Wardell 208-732-6618

February 2018

February 1-3
Contact: Bambi Ethridge 208-733-1100

February 08-10
Gem State Classic Bull and Female Sale
Contact: Sarah Fuller 208-731-3371

February 16-18
Southern Idaho Home & Garden Show
Contact: Janice Degner 208-737-6008

February 23-25
CSI Champions Rodeo School
Contact: Steve Birnie 208-732-6620 or Kelly Wardell 208-732-6618

March 2018

March 9-10
42nd Annual CSI Intercollegiate Rodeo
Contact: Steve Birnie 208-732-6620 or Kelly Wardell 208-732-6618

Contact Info:

Steve Birnie
Phone: 208-732-6620
Fax: 208-732-6617
Email: sbirnie@csi.edu