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Tip of the week 09/13/2017

NEW in Canvas: "Missing" and "Late" Assignment Submission Status

Are your students complaining that they see “Missing” or “Late” labels in Canvas Grades for assignments that they turned in? As an instructor, you can see these labels on the Submission Details page, on the Student Grades page, and in Speed Grader.

This is a new feature that was added by Canvas in August 2017 for certain assignment types:

  • Assignments that required an online submission of some kind
  • Graded Discussions
  • Online Quizzes

The labels work as you would expect them to: assignments not turned in once the due date passes will display Missing. If the student submited the assignment after the due date, you will see Late.

Missing Assignments Status

However, the "Missing" label will also appear if a student submitted material in a method other than the way designated in the assignment. An "online" submission for Canvas means it must be submitted through the Canvas interface. For example, if the student submitted it in class on paper, Canvas will mark it "Missing".

The instructor currently has no control over the appearance of this label, nor can it be overridden by the instructor even after a grade is recorded in Gradebook. While this behavior may be addressed by Canvas in a future release, at the moment it cannot be turned off by the instructor or by the admin.


  • Use “on-paper” or “no-submission” option for assignments that don’t require online submission.
  • Ask those students, who choose to submit the assignment on paper or through email, also to turn in something to Canvas that simply says “completed in class” or “turned in on paper” (can be typed in the text entry box).
  • Don’t set the due dates
  • If the student made arrangements for later submission, set additional “Assign” options with the different due date just for this student.

The slightly different global announcement explaining “Missing” and “Late” labels has been posted for CSIĀ students as well.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Izabella Bagdasarova at