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Tip of the week 08/17/2017

Final Steps to Making your Course Ready!

Dear CSI Faculty,

  • Have you PUBLISHED your Canvas course site? If the Canvas course is not published, your students will not have access to it! Here's how: Canvas guide: How do I publish my course?
  • Review your course in Student View.
    • Go into your Course Settings, then Student View and check through your course.
    • Did you publish every item that you want students to see? Each Assignment, Quiz, Module and File should have a green cloud icon next to it, showing that it is visible. If there is a gray cloud, click on it to “Publish” the item.
  • Hide unnecessary navigation linksLinks to an external site.. You may want to hide navigation links such as Files if you have already linked to the files in other areas in the course. If you are not using Collaborations, Conferences, or other items, you may choose to hide them.

If you have questions, please email to Izabella at