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Tip of the week 05/02/2017

End of the Semester Checklist

The Spring 2017 semester is almost over, and it is time to make preparations for wrapping up your course(s) and makingĀ  a smooth transition to the next semester. The "End of the Semester Checklist" document covers some information and resources that will help you to go through this process and get ready for the next semester.

It is important to remember that once the term is over and final grades are entered in MyCSI, the Canvas course will switch to the Read-only mode and students' enrollment will change the status from "active" to "concluded". It means that instructors will NOT be able to communicate with their students via Canvas, make any changes to the gradebook, and view and download course statistics and students' submissions.

BEFORE you enter the final grades:

  1. Complete all grading:
    • Make sure Canvas is set to treat ungraded assignments as 0
    • If assignment groups are active, make sure assignments are in the appropriate group and that weighting is properly applied.
    • If needed, download quiz/survey statistics and/or students' submissions
  2. Download a copy of the grade book and store it away
  3. To prevent students from accessing some course items, un-publish links to them; to prevent the access to the course, in the course Settings restrict students from viewing the course content after course's END DATE
  4. Wrap up communication with students
  5. Fix any mechanical and technical problems with the course content, videos, links, tool use, etc. If help is needed to resolve issues, contact Izabella
  6. If you want to keep a copy of the course content, archive the course
  7. Copy the course content into the new (Fall 2017) course

To find out how to perform any tasks listed above and for more detailed information, please check the "End of the Semester Checklist" by clicking on the link .