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Tip of the week 4/17/17

Student Context Card

The NEW Canvas tool for INSTRUCTORS that gives a quick access to the student's record and statistics!

Last month, Canvas released the new feature, Student’s Context Card, that provides a quick and simplified overview of a student’s progress. The context is generated from grades in Gradebook and participation activity in course analytics.

NOTE: Mobile data is not included unless a user accessed Canvas directly through a mobile browser.

Please note that Context Cards only apply to users with a student role and only to those with the “active” status in the course. Context Card can’t be accessed only by the course instructor.

To access the student’s context card, click on the student name listed in any of these course areas: People, Gradebook, Discussions, and Moderate Assignment.

Beside the overall information about the student’s name, photo, the number of missing or late assignments, and the last login into the course, the card includes the links to student’s grades, submissions, analytics page, and other student’s information. Instructors can also email to the student directly from the card if needed.