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Tip of the week 3/27/2017

How to Create an Active Learning Environment in Online Courses?

"When High Tech becomes Hot Tech: Educational Technology Showcase"

Looking for tips and tricks to make your course design more engaging?

Watch the recording of the webinar about various ed tech resources that are available to take your course to the next level. Many of them are free and easy to integrate with your Canvas course. Discover the latest educational technology products and strategies to improve student experience by bringing teaching to life and fostering a community of learning within the classroom. I hope after viewing the recording, you'll get inspired and informed, as did I.

I also want to share the link to the open Canvas course, where you will find more detailed information about each product demonstrated by the presenter, Sean Nufer, during the session:

If you have questions about this information or need help in integrating any of those tools or plug-ins into your course, please contact Izabella Bagdasarova at